Snapchat Will Let You Share Stories On Third-Party Apps


Snapchat is one of the feature-packed apps. This app lets the users shot videos, click photos with filters, do voiceovers and much more. Users can create funny videos and photos on this app. Snapchat is one of the most famous apps in India. Snapchat Will Let User Share Stories Third Party Apps.

Snapchat Will Let User Share Stories Third Party Apps:

Previously, in Snapchat users used to record funny videos, click pictures with animated filters. But users were not allowed to share these on any third party apps. Now, the company has come up with this latest feature. Now the users can now share stories on third party apps too.

However, a recent update to the Snap Kit API will allow third-party app developers to integrate the Snapchat Stories feature in their own app.

Snapchat Story Kit – What it is:

With this update, developers will now be able to give options to the users to let them share stories on third party apps.

Snapchat Will Let User Share Stories Third Party Apps

Share On Third Party App:

As the stories were made originally in Snapchat, when clicked on the ‘Share on Third Party Apps’, this will open up the Snap camera.

Third Party Apps:

Only some third party apps have used this story kit, they are Hily, Oct, Squad, and Triller.

Added Features- What’s New:

One of the most useful features of this update is that it will let users share Snapchat Stories with other third-party apps directly from the “Send To” screen in Snapchat. The app will also give users the option to share the story exclusively on the third-party platform or share it simultaneously on both platforms with ease.

Snapchat Will Let User Share Stories Third Party Apps

Privacy and Security:

Nevertheless, data sharing with third-party apps creates a concern about privacy and security. However, according to Snap Inc., “privacy is a priority” and as Snap Kit does not share sensitive data, like demographics and friends list with the third-party apps, “Story Kit” should be fine, in terms of privacy. The app only shares the Display Name and the Bitmoji avatar with third-party apps.

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