SnapDeal [email protected] Service Launched: Order Cash Via Snapdeal App (Rs 2000/day)

SnapDeal CashHome Service (Cash@Home)

SnapDeal CashHome Service; Snapdeal recently introduced a new service in their app by which you can get cash delivered at your home. They have named this service as “SnapDeal [email protected]”. In this service, you will get cash without going to ATMs long line to withdraw cash. Feature is only available in few states for now.

SnapDeal CashHome Service  (Cash@Home)

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What is Snapdeal CashHome Service? ([email protected])

Snapdeal is trying to help all the people from getting disturbed in their Job by wasting time at ATMs to withdraw cash. This feature lets you to order cash at your home, if available in your area. You have to pay a minor charge of Rs 1 for using this service.

Let’s elaborate what really is [email protected] service of Snapdeal.

When you order cash at your home using Snapdeal App, then a Snapdeal logistic will come to your home along with a POS machine in which you can just swipe you card to get your cash. Daily limit of the service is somehow irksome, likewise the Indian Government bank withdrawal limit; Rs 2000. But after all this is a pretty cool service by Snapdeal, right?

So, Go ahead and start using this Snapdeal CashHome Service if you’re living in Gurugram or Banglore because this service is right now only valid for these two states.

Snapdeal Official Statement regarding this [email protected] service,“The service is a goodwill gesture by Snapdeal to allow users to easily access cash without having to queue up at their bank or at the ATMs. We will charge a nominal amount of one rupee as convenience fee, which will need to be paid through FreeCharge/through a debit card at the time of booking the order,”

Yes, you can pay that minor Rs 1 charge of using this service via your debit card or FreeCharge balance. You can order cash from any bank’s card in this service.

How to Use Snapdeal CashHome Service? ([email protected])

  • Firstly, open your Snapdeal App.
  • Allow the app to use your location.
  • If cash is available in your area, you will get a popup notification or SMS.
  • In that Notification/SMS, there’s a link which will let you order your cash.
  • Order the cash successfully by paying Rs 1 to Snapdeal.
  • On next day, Snapdeal logistic will come and deliver your cash to you once you swipe your card to the POS machine provided by logistic.

Well, Snapdeal is not only the company who’s providing this excellent service. In past companies like TailMill & Grofers has also started similar services for their customers.

If you’re thinking that Snapdeal is first to do such a miserable service, then of course, you’re wrong.

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