10 Best Sniper Games


Your search for the best Sniper game ends here. You don’t need to look for any other new sniper game until you have played all the sniper games listed below. We have searched and self-played a lot to find the best ever sniper games of all time. Below, we have featured sniper games compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac OS, PlayStation and Xbox. Sniper games are a different kind of approach when it comes to gaming.

Thus, many sniper games are being developed all the time. However, finding the best ever sniper game sometimes difficult. But don’t worry because we are here. Below, we have listed top 10 best sniper games of all time. It will be even better if you give a complete reading to the below article to not miss any important information.

Top 10 Sniper Games of All Time

1. Sniper Elite: V2:-

Our list of top 10 best sniper games of all time begins with Sniper Elite: V2. This game brings user to give plot of April – May, 1945 and the place is Berlin. Sniper Elite: V2 is a popular and widely played sniper game you will find on Earth. It let you play the game with third person perspective. Here, you will play as a character of an American officer that belongs to the strategic service. The red army has already attacked and your main task is to capture the Scientists. Moreover, you have to take care of stealth as well. Thus, not only attacking all the time, maintain stealth is important as well.

2. Alliance: The Silent War:-

This most awaited sniper game is officially available for Windows and Linux operating system as well. This game is a first person shooter game. You will be amazed with the number of weapons. They are in 200 in numbers and some of them belongs to real world weapon as well. Users can play it on either single or multiplayer mode. We recommend to play in multiplayer mode because it is more fun. The game story begins at World War 1 and goes till the present situation. Moreover, as compared to other sniper games, Alliance: The Silent War provides more than enough controls.

3. Hitman: Sniper:-

Whenever it comes to have the best sniper game ever, mostly people get picture of Hitman: Sniper automatically created in mind. This game is very popular on smartphones and available on Google Play Store and App Store. It offers users to play the game with first person prospective. You play as Agent 47 which is a protagonist as well. Moreover, you can use the scope vision to aim well and choose from a wide variety of weapons. The powerful weapons get unlocked as you do progress in the game.

4. Battlefield 1:-

If you are gaming geek and usually play games on Xbox or PlayStation then you must be heard of Battlefield 1. This game is the fifteenth release of Battlefield series. The plot belongs to the time of World War 1. Here, you play the game with first person perspective. You can start playing it in multiplayer or single mode. Mostly weapons are designed with the World War 1 perspective such that you will find old time weapons like flamethrowers, rifles, mustard gas and a wide variety of melee weapons like sabres, shovels clubs as well. The weapons are categorized into light, medium and heavy.

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5. Sniper: Art of Victory:-

This Sniper game brings you back to the plot of World War 2. Before proceeding with the mission, you will get a loading screen where you will get the orders and objectives to complete. In the whole game, you have to complete missions and complete the objective. The best part is that it also provides a map which is very useful in finding the best locations. In the game, you are a part of the red army playing the role of a sniper ally. We recommend users to must give Sniper: Art of Victory a try.

6. Sniper: Ghost Warrior:-

In the middle of this list, we have another best sniper game here called Sniper: Ghost Warrior. If you are in search of a tough and challenging kind of sniper game then nothing is better for you than Sniper: Ghost Warrior. You can play this game in either single player or Multiplayer mode. Here, you play the game with first person perspective. There is a huge variety of weapons to choose to range from various sniper rifles, silent pistols to knives. This game can be played on Xbox, PlayStation and Windows.

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7. Arma 3:-

What’s more? Here, we have Arma 3. This game is a combat only focused and stay near to the realism. The best part of Arma 3 is that it is an open world game. The plot of the game will bring you back to the 2030s where you are on a military operation called operation magnitude. There are a huge variety of missions to choose from. You can play it either in single player mode or Multiplayer mode. You get the character of US army corporal named Ben Kerry. We recommend to play it in multiplayer mode as it will be more fun. This game is available for Windows operating system.

8. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier:-

Being a Tom Clancy’s creation, this game offers the best game-play you will find ever in a sniper shooting games. This game is officially available to play on PlayStation, Xbox and Windows. This game is another variant from Ghost Recon which is more future based. This game can be played in both single and multiplayer modes. In the game, first you have to hide yourself because machine guns shots are fired periodically.

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9. Insurgency:-

Second last best ever sniper game, we have Insurgency. This game is available for all PC platforms like Linux, Mac OS and Windows. You play with first person perspective and this game only feature multiplayer mode to play. In the game, you will find all popular and your dream weapons. Here, the objective is divided into different modes like cooperative mode and online gaming mode. Make sure to give Insurgency a try.

10. Counter Strike: Global Offensive:-

The last on this list but not the least, we have Counter Strike: Global Offensive. This list will remain incomplete and miss its motive if we forget to list Counter Strike: Global Offensive here. It is the fourth game in the series where everyone wants to win and eliminate others. Apart from that there are some objectives as well like Terrorists plants bombs and teams prevent people from getting injured.

Few More Words:-

Here, we have featured the top 10 best must play sniper games of all time. Let us know in the comment section below if you know any other best sniper game that must be listed above and mention below which sniper game you like to play most. Also, comment below if you have any questions.


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