Some Banned Android Apps That You Might Been Using

Banned Android Apps

There is a list of some illegal or banned android apps that are well-designed applications. These apps may satisfy your needs but do not comply with Google Play Store’s guidelines and policies. This may something that may cause you to compromise with your security or the security of the device that you are using. This is why Google sets guidelines and policies for the safety of its users.

Note that sometimes the banned android apps on Google Play Store are sometimes the best app. The reason for banning such an android app can be engaging in illegal activities or violations of policy.

Why Google Has Banned Android Apps?

Tech giant Google has removed over 600 Banned Android apps list and along with its mobile app developers due to ad fraud and disruptive mobile ads. Meanwhile, the foremost reasons that can be seen behind app banning are-Google banned android apps breached two of the company’s policies regarding advertising, disruptive ads policy, and disallowed interstitial policy.

The removal is strict enough that the app’s developers are also banned on Google Play Store. Cheetah Mobile is one of the biggest developers that Google and Google Play Store has banned.

Here Is The List Of Some Banned Android Apps:

Check this list of banned android apps that you of your loved ones might be using.


This is an amazing app that has amazing content, but you won’t find it on Google Play. It packs a very large library of movies and TV shows that users can view free of charge. Though it is not available on Google Play, you can easily find the app online. It is one of the most popular online streaming platforms.

Banned Android Apps

In case you want to download this app, you can Download APK from here


This app is made by the same developers who made ClockWorkMod recovery for Android, a major recover app frequently used by many users out there. Well, this app can be synchronized with ShowBox to help a user cast a movie or TV show that is being watched on Chromecast that is connected to a PC. Users, however, have to install the AllCast app from the Google Play Store for GrowBox to work.

Banned Android Apps

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3. LiveNetTv:

This is another among banned Android apps on Google Play Store. It is a general-purpose entertainment application that has got a multitude of entertainment offerings to choose from. It currently hosts over 700 live channels, movies, and TV shows.

Banned Android Apps

4. Terrarium TV:

This is another banned android apps. This is another illegal movie streaming app that enables you to easily watch the latest entertainment from the big media houses. The good thing with it is that you get to watch right on your mobile device as long as you have an internet connection regardless of your location. You don’t have to pay any subscription fee to enjoy this service from the app.

Banned Android Apps

5. Secret SMS Replicator:

This spyware was made for those who are keen on spying on other people. It is an app that can be installed on the target victim with their knowledge and then left to run in the background. It can be activated remotely by without the owner of the phone is aware of this. However, this is a banned android apps.

6. Sarahah Messaging Apps:

This app was introduce back in the year 2016. Its popularity grew with many users thanks to user’s ability to send many messages anonymously. This app allowed users to be able to send messages yet the recipients of those messages could not trace the senders. While this feature was the one that made the app so popular, it is the same one that led to its downfall. However, Google has enlisted this app among the banned android apps.

Banned Android Apps

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7. Ad-Away:

Next up we have Ad-Away on the list of some top banned android apps. This app works by blocking ads on your device once it has successfully been installed either on your smartphone or tablet. It for this same reason that Google decided to ban it from the Play Store. The app posed a huge threat to mobile advertising that Google couldn’t allow.

Banned Android Apps

8. Popcorn Time:

Another banned android app that lets you watch your popular TV shows and movies online without much hustle. All you have to do is download the app from its official website and install it on your mobile device and get to enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies. The app also features a built-in VPN option if you wish to use it securely. There are just numerous options available for you to customize the look and feel of the app.

End Verdict:

These were few banned Android apps list by Google. On the other, there are many Android apps that have broken the terms and conditions of Google Play Store. It has also been highlighted that Google has started refunding brands whose ads were displayed in an inappropriate manner.

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