Some Pixel 5 Owners Report Gap Between the Screen and Body


INTRO: Google’s product launches always seem to be followed by some hardware issues. Last year’s flagship Pixel 4 users saw the glass back coming loose and something similar is now being reported with Pixel 5 also.

First reported by Android Police, several early Pixel 5 owners have taken to Google’s hardware forum and XDA to report gaps between the screen’s plastic bumper and therefore the aluminum unibody. This does not affect the phone’s functionality. The display works perfectly fine. However, Pixel 5 carries an IP68 rating and therefore the users are concerned about the water-resistance of their devices.


This hardware defect seems to be affecting select users but the reports still pour in, especially on this Pixel support thread. The crevices are easily noticeable and can be found all around the phone, either at the top, the sides, or near the SIM tray. It is really difficult to confirm how widespread the issue is but it seems to be of major concern for a $699 flagship. You can check out some more photos right here:

Pixel 5

We expect Google to issue an official statement about this hardware defect and address the problem at hand. The Pixel 5 didn’t make its thanks to India so there’s no way for us to verify how widespread the difficulty is. However, we will make sure to update this article to let you know of Google’s response.

Will they issue a recall or replace the already sold devices? Whatever be the case, if you were getting to buy a Pixel 5 then we propose you await a touch while.

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