Sony Announces PlayStation Bug Bounty Program With Rewards of $50,000+


INTRO: The popular Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) on Wednesday announced a public PlayStation Bug Bounty program. In a politician blog post, the corporate said that the choice will make the platform safer for everybody. The new bug bounty program that has rewards for various issues, including critical vulnerabilities on PS4, which carry bounties starting at $50,000.

Sony Bug Bounty Program 

While announcing the bug bounty program, and the Senior Director Software Engineering at SIE, Geoff Norton, said: “(…) the safety of our products may be a fundamental a part of creating amazing experiences for our community. We believe that through working with the safety research community we will deliver a safer place to play”.

Sony launches PlayStation bug bounty program with rewards of $50K+ ...

Sony has tied-up with pen-testing and bug-bounty platform, HackerOne, to implement the program. the corporate also invited cyber-security researchers, white-hat hackers and gamers to check the safety of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Network. Older consoles, just like the PS3, PS2, PS1, PS Vita and therefore the PSP, aren’t a part of the program. However, upcoming consoles just like the PlayStation 5 very likely are going to be .

Minimum Payouts will Range from $500 to $50,000.

In any case, if all of you are wondering, for the payouts for the PlayStation Network, so it will range from $100 for low-severity bugs to $3,000 for critical vulnerabilities. For the PS4 variant, the minimum payouts will range from $500 to $50,000. supported the extent of severity, some bugs may even fetch bigger rewards. Of course, Sony will reserve the proper to work out when a bounty is to be awarded and, how much. you’ll inspect HackerOne to urge the complete details and every one the terms and conditions.

The company said that so far, it had been running a bug bounty program privately with some researchers. However, it’s now expanding the program for the broader community because “we recognize the precious role that the research community plays in enhancing security”.

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