Sony Finally Launches Its First PS5 Ready TV in India

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INTRO: Late last month, Sony launched new PlayStation 5 ready TVs in the US. Well, if you were wondering once you can purchase the new TV in India, Sony has answered your question. The company has today launched the new X9000H series in India also.

The new Bravia TVs come in two sizes, 65-inches (165cm) and 55-inches (140cm). The TVs are powered by the company’s X1 4K HDR picture processor, which Sony claims helps to bring out the small print in any scene. The processor reproduces more colors, and processes and analyzes colors in every frame to form them more natural.

The X9000H series are Android-powered TVs, which suggests you furthermore may get all the smart features that we expect from an Android TV. There’s an X-balanced speaker for better sound alongside Dolby Atmos. There’s also Dolby Vision for better quality pictures with compatible content, and more.

First Sony PS5 Ready TV Launched in India; Here are the details |

More important, however, is the Sony Bravia Game Mode. After all, the TV is being marketed as being ‘Ready for PlayStation 5‘. The X9000H supports running games at 4K resolution up to 120FPS. Moreover, the corporate claims that the TV features a low input latency of seven .2ms. You will also be able to use the TV’s remote to control your PS 5, which should make it easier to scroll through the PS UI. Plus, the DualSense controller of the PS 5 can turn on the TV as well. That means you’ll simply devour your controller, press the PS button, and both the console and therefore the TV will activate.

The new 55-inch Sony X9000H TV is priced at ₹1,09,990 and therefore the 65-inch variant is priced at ₹1,59,990.

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