Sony Increases PlayStation 5 Production by 50%


INTRO: Sony is apparently hoping to sell way more PlayStation 5 units than it originally estimated. According to new reports the company has ordered at least 50 percent more PS 5 units than it previously did.

The reports come from Nikkei and Bloomberg, both of whom have increased their estimates for Sony’s production aims. The Japanese giant had originally planned on producing 6 million consoles in 2020. However, Nikkei now reports that the number has gone up to 9 million, and Bloomberg’s estimate is even higher at 10 million units.

Sony’s increased production is possibly caused due to the higher demand for at-home entertainment solutions as the world stays under lockdown during the Coronavirus pandemic. However, if the company sells anywhere near the 9 or 10 million marks in 2020, that would be a huge deal. After all, the PlayStation 4 only sold about 4.2 million units when it was launched in 2013.

The Sony PlayStation 5 seems to be inferior in terms of raw processing power when compared to the Xbox Series X. However, the console is still remarkably powerful. In fact, Epic Games has been laying on some impressive statements about both the PS 5 and Xbox Series X’s capabilities.

Moreover, Sony has the upper hand when it comes to exclusive games as compared to Series X. The company will definitely try and capitalize on that as well. We are hoping to see Spider-Man: Miles Morales at launch and a Horizon sequel is coming next year as well. Both Spider-Man and Horizon Zero Dawn were big hits for the PS4, and their sequels could push the PS 5 sales further.


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