Sony Revealed the PlayStation 5 Design


INTRO: To the ones who have been following the PlayStation 5 updates were a little confused or what can I say in missed emotions from PlayStation 5. However, Sony recently launched the PS 5 design and it has surprised all of us.

At the very end of the stream, Sony showed off the design of the PlayStation 5, and, and wait for it, the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. Yes, you read that right, there is a disk-less digital-only edition of the PlayStation 5 for the users now! That will be coming to the market.

Sony's PlayStation 5 is coming this holiday season — here's what ...

Sony has gone for a very different design with the PlayStation 5 this time, as you can see in the featured image we have mentioned, but for some reason you all will kind of like it. It is really different, and it’s bold even though it looks sleek. The design of the console also looks fine with the Dual Sense Controller just next to it.

If you didn’t like this design, then it is your particular individual choice but if you love it, comment down below and we will have similar thoughts on it. Also, Sony unveiled a bunch of other stuff at the event as well. There’s a new DualSense charging station for the PS5 controllers, an HD camera, new headphones that look sick as hell, and a media remote which for some reason looks very weird. Here’s the entire PS5 family of devices for you to feast your eyes upon. It really is something, this design.

The PS 5 will see a lot more games launching for it. Some of the other titles shown off today. Now we will have to wait for the console to come to market or digital version availability so that we can run through our games and enjoy it.


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