Sony to Tweak Its Name After Over 60 Years


INTRO: Sony has been a serious name within the consumer industry for quite a while now. The Tokyo-based tech giant manufactures all types of electronic devices starting from smartphones, cameras and camera sensors, and vlogging accessories to high-end gaming consoles and even electric cars. So, the name “Sony” may be a pretty big one within the consumer electronics business. However, consistent with recent reports, the corporate is going to be changing its name from the subsequent year to the Sony Group.

Sony Company May Change Its Name From Sony To Sony Group

Recently, in an annual shareholders meeting, the company’s shareholders have reportedly approved the proposal to change the company’s name. As per the reports, the new name of the corporation is going to be “Sony Group” rather than just “Sony”. At least it’s better than the name of their latest Xperia devices.

“We decided to rename the corporate to the Sony Group because we would like to form full use of the range of our business portfolio to market the event and evolution of the business.”, said the company’s CEO, Yoshida Kenichiro.

This Step Of Changing the Name Is After Over 60 long Years

Now, if you don’t know, Sony started off within the year 1946 with the name “Tokyo Telecommunications Industry Co., Ltd.”. After about 12 years, in 1958, the corporate adopted the name “Sony”. At the time, the name represented the company’s goal of becoming a global brand. That was the dream of the company’s co-founder, Shoda Morita.

Well, now that the corporate has become a worldwide brand, the renaming comes after 60 whole years of the initial name change. Now, as you already noticed, it’s not an entire name change. It is just the addition of the word “group” that will supposedly diversify the company’s business more. It plans to adopt the new name, “Sony Group”, from the start of the subsequent financial year, April 2021.

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