Split Screen PC Games That Are Considered The Best Among All

Split Screen PC Games

Even though online gaming is on an insane rise these days, there are still gamers who like playing local multiplayer games with their friends and family; and while split-screen and couch co-op games are becoming a dying breed, there are still some awesome games that anyone finds interest in local multiplayer games should definitely try out. If you are also looking for such games, you have come to the right place. Here are the some best split PC games that you can play in 2020.

Best Split-Screen (Couch Co-Op) Games for PC in 2020

1. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is one of the Split Screen PC Games — if not the best — that has been released in recent times. It’s a game filled with adventure, imaginative battle and frantic action in space. And the best part is that you can play this game with 2 to 4 players in a local co-op mode. In case, you are alone then you can play with an AI-controlled space-pet and drive the battleship together. As for the game, it’s a beautifully designed video game where you explore the vast expanse of the galaxy in a huge neon battleship. However, you need other people to help you control the battleship and defeat the Anti-love forces who have imprisoned the space-bunnies. It’s truly a fun and enchanting game that will remind you why we love video games in the first place.

2. Overcooked Split Screen PC Games

Overcooked is the second pick in this list of Split Screen PC Games and the reason is its beautiful theme where you need teamwork to succeed. You can have a team of up to four players, but if you are alone then you can play along with the system making it a co-operative game. Talking about the theme, hereyou and your teammates work as a chef and prepare, cook and serve a range of tasty dishes to demanding customers. There is a huge storm of customers and you have to somehow fill the demand by working as efficiently as you can. Of course, you have to face some horrors too. There is an ancient edible evil that has plagued the land, then there is an unusual kitchen to work in and so on. Overall, it’s a challenging game and you are going to love every bit of it in your quest to achieve culinary perfection.
Split Screen PC Games

3. Screencheat

Screencheat does not need much introduction, but if you are unaware it’s one of the most Split Screen PC Games of all time. At the outset, Screencheat is a first-person shooter game but the gameplay is slightly different and that is what makes it the most enjoyable game. Basically, everyone will be invisible from each other’s screen so you will have to look at your opponent’s screen– hence screen cheating– and then shoot them. That’s fun, right? Also, there are a couple of weapons in the game, but look for ‘one-hit-kill’ armor and teddy-bear loaded with explosives for killing your opponents in no time. Also, keep in mind, this game supports multiple gaming controllers as well so that is great. All in all, Screencheat is a frantic and action-packed game and you can enjoy this awesome game in split-screen mode with your friends and family.

4. Baldur’s Gate 3 Split Screen PC Games

While previous versions of Baldur’s Gate did not support co-op gaming, recent reports suggest that Baldur’s Gate 3 will have co-operative gaming of up to 2 local players and 4 online players. That’s amazing, right? The game is going to be released within a week at the PAX East 2020 event. If you are unaware, Baldur’s Gate is one of the best RPG games which is based on a thrilling story of Dungeons and Dragons. The third installment is touted as the next-generation RPG game and it has a new storyline. The game includes adventure, war, romance, struggle, and a story of conflict against sinister forces and devils. In this quest, you and your teammates have to determine the fate of the Forgotten Realms together. Simply put, if you like dark fantasy games full of mysteries then this time, Baldur’s Gate 3 will let you take your friends along the way to find the truth.

5. Split/Second

Since Blur is no longer in development, you can play Split/Second instead. It’s an equally intense racing game and Split Screen PC Games of up to two players. Without a doubt, Split/Second is currently one of the best split-screen racing games available on PC. As for the game, it’s set in a reality television show where players are racing for the top spot. However, the game is rigged, and yet, you will have to knock your opponent off from the track. Other than racing, the game also has some triggers which can destroy huge structures and buildings while racing, which can further change the outcome of the game. I would say if you like explosive kind of action racing which does not follow the dynamics of car racing alone but goes beyond that then Split/Second is an awesome split-screen game and you simply can’t afford to miss it.

Split Screen PC Games

6. Sonic Adventure 2 Split Screen PC Games

Sonic Adventure 2, for a very long time, has been considered Split Screen PC Games. It’s a story of the battle against heroes and villains and you are tasked to save the world. You can play in a team of 2 in this game and start hunting for the Chaos Emeralds. Along the way,you will experience huge opposition from returning villains such as Dr. Eggman and Rouge. However, you can choose to be Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles and fight against the evil forces. Other than that, the game also has a kart-racing mode where you compete with your friend in the split-screen mode. All in all, if you love classic Nintendo games then Sonic Adventure 2 is highly recommended for local multiplayer gaming.

7. Guacamelee 2

While Guacamelee 2 isn’t a split-screen game by definition, it does support local co-op which qualifies it as a couch co-op title. The game allows up to four players to play on the same screen at the same time and experience the entire story together. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the title, Guacamelee 2 is a Metroidvania platformer in which you control a luchador who fights his way across a number of beautifully handcrafted levels with a ton of different enemies. With each subsequent level, your fighter learns some cool new abilities which really come in handy on later levels.

8. Gears of War 4 Split Screen PC Games

Third-person shooter Gears of War 4 is another Split Screen PC Games that you can play on your PC. While the Xbox One version of the game supports split-screen play for both the campaign and the multiplayer mode, the PC version of Gears of War 4 only offers split-screen support for the campaign. This means that while you’ll be able to enjoy the entire campaign along with a friend, you won’t be able to enjoy the online multiplayer mode in split-screen on your PC. Gears of War 4 is a must-have for any of you who enjoy shooting games and want to share the experience with a friend at home.

9. A Way Out

One of the newest titles on this list, A Way Out is a co-op only adventure in which you and your friend play as Leo and Vincent, two convicts planning their daring escape out of prison. As you’d expect, the game features local split-screen co-op in which both the players see the game from their character’s perspective and have to work together to get their plan into action. The game doesn’t have a single-player option, but it does offer online co-op support, so you can play it with anyone who also has a copy of the game.

Split Screen PC Games

10. Castle Crashers Split Screen PC Games

Get your armors up and sharpen your blades because it’s time for some serious hack n slash. In Castle Crashers, hack n slash your way through multiple levels and crash some castles to save your princess. Team up with your friends in up to 4 players multiplayer mode and crash all the castle parties in barbarian style. Slash anyone who gets in your way. The game offers a beautiful cartoony graphics style and a cheesy background soundtrack that really makes the entire gameplay experience more immersive. If you are looking for a hack n slash adventure along with your friends then this is definitely an amazing game for you to try.


Most racers have split-screen, so we can’t put them all but we tried to cover different racing styles ranging from arcade to simulation etc. We have actually opted for a few games that serve the same purpose as split-screen games, which is couch co-op experience on a single shared screen. Still, if you think there are some other amazing split-screen games out there then feel free to mention them in the comments below and we’ll probably put up an honorable mentions section for them.

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