Spotify Now Generates Custom Playlists for Your Workouts


INTRO: Spotify has released yet one more tool for generating playlists. After “Soundtrack your Ride” – a playlist for your road trips and “Pet Playlists” – a playlist for your pets, the Swedish music streaming giant has now introduced “Soundtrack your Workout” for your workout sessions.

Just like Soundtrack your Ride and Pet Playlists, Soundtrack your Workout curates tracks supported user input through a fanatical website. For starters, the corporate will ask you the duration of the workout. There are quarter-hour, half-hour, hour, 90 minutes, and a couple of hours+ options to settle on from.

Spotify now creates a custom training playlist

After you’re done choosing the duration, the web site asks if you’re curious about music or podcasts, alongside your preference for explicit content. On the subsequent page, you ought to choose your sort of workout. The available options are Yoga, Running, Biking, Cardio, Dance, Lifting, Walking/Meditation, Barre/ Pilates.

Spotify's latest playlist tool creates a mix to match your workout ...

Further, you’ll choose who you’re understanding with and your “workout vibe”. Finally, the Spotify website will ask your preferred genre. After entering it, you’ll set a title for your playlist alongside an optional cover.

Spotify's Soundtrack Your Workout Creates Custom Playlists ...

After all these data inputs, the web site will do its magic and generate a singular playlist tailored to fit your needs. It goes without saying that the web site will ask you to log in together with your Spotify account before you begin the method.

During my testing on Spotify, two of the four songs i used to be suggested doesn’t even qualify as Rock. However, the other two were quite acceptable in my opinion. Let us know how it goes for you in the comments.

Try Soundtrack your Workout

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