Spotify Web Player Now Works with the Safari Browser


INTRO: Almost three years back, music streaming giant Spotify discontinued support for the Safari web browser on Apple devices without any proper explanation. This made Mac users turn to either the native Spotify Mac app or other web browsers. The company has now silently resumed support for Safari – without any official word, again.

As this was noticed by a Reddit user who goes by the name wolfStroker, the official supported browser list on Spotify’s website has now been updated to reflect the changes. If you are a committed Safari user, you can start using Spotify web player once again.

Spotify's web player works with Safari again | Engadget

While the absence of the web player was probably not missed due to a dedicated Mac app, users who prefer using web apps can finally rejoice. We have tried out the Spotify web player on a 2017 MacBook Pro and it worked very flawlessly. No hangs or suspensions whatsoever you deal with.

But, if the web player is not working as intended, you may try one of the following suggestions given by Spotify for troubleshooting any potential issues:

  • Your web browser may need updating. You can then check and then update it in the Help section of your browser’s menu.
  • Try opening the web player in a private/ incognito window and give the web player a try. Now find the option to open a new private/ incognito window in the browser’s menu.
  • After that if you see the message “Playback of protected content is not enabled”, check out Enable the web player.
  • Check @SpotifyStatuson Twitter for any ongoing issues.
  • Some shared or public networks (e.g. schools/ work/ office) restrict access to certain services. You can contact your admin for more information.

With all of the recent improvements to Spotify the music streaming app, like the ability to host group sessions and then filling the voids of its library by securing much-awaited licensing deals with Warner Music Group and Saregama, Spotify will continue to dominate the streaming space, which will be followed closely by potential alternatives.


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