Stress Testing PC Softwares: Softwares Help You To Do Stress Test

Stress Testing PC Softwares

Stress testing is a type of performance testing that validates the highest limit of your computer, device, program, or network with an extreme load. So here we have some Stress Testing PC Softwares.

Stress testing will check the behavior of a system, network, or application under an immense load. It also checks whether the system can recover while returning to the normal stage or not.

The main purpose of stress testing is to check the recoverability of the system, program, device, or network.

There are five different types of stress testingi.e. Distributed Stress Testing, Application Stress Testing, Transactional Stress Testing, Systemic Stress Testing, and Exploratory Stress Testing.

This article will help you in selecting the Stress Testing PC Softwares. Tool selection depends on the type of testing that you want to perform like Stress testing for your PC, Stress testing for CPU, Stress testing for RAM, or Stress testing for GPU.

While performing hardware stress testing, we need to monitor different factors like temperature, etc and it varies according to the model design and infrastructure. Coverage of stress testing, as well as the risk, should be considered before it is performed.

If you are performing stress testing on the computer then the focus of stress testing will be on two components, i.e. the CPU and memory.

CPU stress testing is perform to check the CPU’s performance after running it at a full speed completely up to maximum temperature. When CPU stress testing is perform, all the cores of the multi-core system will get used. CPU will get test with a compatible and justifying workload.

GPU stress testing is perform to check its limits by utilizing its full processing power. Stress testing a RAM is the first thing that you should perform if you are facing any of the problems like bluescreen or system reboot.

Different tools use different techniques for checking the performance of the system. For Example, some tools use a 3D scene or some use the prime numbers.

1) LoadTracer Stress Testing PC Softwares

LoadTracer is a tool for stress testing, load testing, and endurance testing. It is used to check the performance of web applications. It is a lightweight application. It works with any browser and technology. It is easy to use and allows you to perform testing without scripting.


  • It has an analyzer for producing graphs and reports.
  • LT Monitor will provide various performance counters for monitoring.
  • The Recorder can record all the interactions between the browser and the server. It generates the script file of that.
  • Using the script, Simulator generates virtual users.

2) JMeter

JMeter is an open source application. Initially, it was designed for testing web applications but now some other test functions are also included. It is used to measure the performance of static and dynamic resources.

It is also used to load test the functional behavior of applications. It is used to load test the server, group of servers, network, etc.

Stress Testing PC Softwares


  • It provides the command-line mode to java compatible OS.
  • It offers Test IDE which can record, build, and debug.
  • Facility to replay the test results.
  • It provides HTML report.
  • Complete portability.
  • Pluggable and Scriptable Samplers.

3) Locust Stress Testing PC Softwares

Like JMeter, Locust is also an open source tool for load testing. It supports defining of user code with the Python code. Instead of clunky UI, it provides you the facility to describe your test in Python code.


  • It supports the running of load tests on multiple distributed machines.
  • It is scalable as millions of users can be simulated simultaneously.
  • User behavior can be defined in code.

4) BlazeMeter

BlazeMeter can be used for Performance testing, continuous testing, functional testing, and soak testing of API, Websites and Apps. It will let you take the full advantage of open source tools like JMeter, Selenium, and Gatling, etc.


  • Front end performance can be monitored under the load.
  • No coding will be required to perform performance testing on URL.
  • Blazemeter will provide real-time reporting and comprehensive analytics.
  • It provides multiple options to record the traffic of Native and mobile Web App. This feature works for any type of device.
  • It provides many more features like scalability, network emulation, and monitoring integrations.

5) Load Multiplier Stress Testing PC Softwares

Load Multiplier can be used in various domains and technologies. It includes SIP Servers or Clients, IMS Servers or Clients, HTTP Servers or Clients, and WebRTC Servers or Clients. It offers different testing tools to test BFSI, Telecom, VoIP, Media, Web, WebRTC, and Proprietary products.


  • High optimal design.
  • It gives you the flexibility to use a single machine, cluster of machines or creation of single or multiple test bed for generating the volume of load.
  • It also provides test automation framework.

6) PCMark 10

It performs the test for a wide range of activities. It includes activities from daily productivity tasks to demanding work of digital content.

There are three products of PCMark 10, i.e. PCMark 10 benchmark, PCMark 10 Express, and PCMark 10 Extended. PCMark 10 benchmark is for PC evaluating organizations. PCMark 10 Express is for basic work tasks. PCMark 10 Extended is for the complete assessment of the system performance.

Stress Testing PC Softwares


  • The latest version has new and improved versions.
  • It supports Windows OS and Windows 10 is also supported.
  • It provides extended and custom run options.
  • It provides multi-level reporting.
  • No need to select the mode as in PCMark 8.

7) HeavyLoad Stress Testing PC Softwares

JAM Software offers the product HeavyLoad to Stress test your PC. HeavyLoad is a Freeware. It puts a heavy load on your workstation or server PC. HeavyLoad can stress test the CPU, GPU, and memory.


  • It will allow you to customize the test methods as per your needs.
  • It lets you choose the available cores for testing.
  • It checks the system’s behavior with dwindling disk space.
  • It also checks memory allocation with scarce memory.
  • For stress testing of GPU, it uses the 3D rendered graphics.

8) BurnInTest

BurnInTest is a tool for load and stress testing of Windows PC. BurnInTest will allow you to stress test all your computer sub-systems simultaneously. For storing the test results at a central place, it can be integrated with PassMark Management Console.


  • It will help you with PC troubleshooting and diagnostics.
  • As it can perform simultaneous testing, it reduces the time required for testing.
  • It can perform testing for CPU, Hard drives, SSDs, RAM & Optical drives, Sound Cards, Graphic Cards, Network Ports, and Printers.

9) Core Temp Stress Testing PC Softwares

Core Temp is a powerful tool for monitoring the temperature of each core of every processor of the system. It will display the temperature in real-time with changing workloads. It works for Intel, AMD, and VIA*86 processors.


  • Motherboard agnostic.
  • Supports customization.
  • Supports expandability.
  • Platform for plugin-in that will be helpful to developers is also included.


Performing stress testing is about creating and maintaining the unfavorable environment. To check the stability of the PC, stress testing should be performed on it. Stress testing of the PC includes temperature and load monitoring of different components.

CPU, GPU, RAM, and motherboard stress test tools will help you to monitor the components and give information about the temperature, load, fan speed, and several other factors. We have shortlisted the top stress testing tools for your reference. The list includes a tool named PCMark 10 which is a tool for benchmarking.

Benchmarking process is similar to stress testing. Stress testing is performed to check the stability and benchmarking is for measuring and assessing the maximum performance.

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