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Decided to switch from your old iPhone to your new Android device? Yes! Then right now, you are at one of the best article where, below we have featured a complete guide that will help you a lot while switching from an iPhone to an Android device. Right below, we have given methods to transfer Text Messages, Contacts, Music Files, photos, videos and more. Moreover, we have discussed what best services you get from Google once you have a Google account surplus an Android device. Therefore, make sure to read the below article completely to get the best of information and every detailed update.

Complete Guide to Switch from iPhone to Android

1. Syncing Calendar:-

While switching from iPhone to Android, it is very important for you to sync calendar from your iPhone to Android device. The good thing is that it is really very easy to sync calendar from iPhone to Android. First of all, make a Google account and install Gmail in your iPhone if you have not already done. Now, head over to Settings then click on Accounts and Passwords. Here, click on Add Account. Simply, add your Gmail Account using ID and Password. Once done, turn on Calendar Sync. That’s it. This method works unbeatable when you want to have same Calendared data on more than one devices like another android phone or iPad, iPhone.

If you don’t want to proceed with above method then you can pay for an app called SmoothSync for Cloud Calendar that will cost you around $3. This app will sync calendar from iCloud. Make sure that you have switched on the Calendar in Settings> Your Name> iCloud.

2. Transferring Contacts:-

If you have succeeded in sync calendar then transferring contacts is nothing complex for you. Before that there is an app called My Contacts Backup that you can download for completely free from App Store. Just launch this app then take a backup of your contacts. The contacts will be saved with .vcf format. Once done, you can email this .vcf contact file to an email on your Android device. Just download the .vcf emailed file and import it in your contacts app on your Android device.

However, if you don’t want to install any third-party application then still you can transfer contacts from your iPhone to Android. Simply, head over to Settings then click on Your Name then click on iCloud on your iPhone. Now, move to your computer and open iCloud website then login to your iCloud account. Here, click on contacts. In the bottom left corner, you will found a gear icon. Simply, click on it then select export vCard. Now, login to your Gmail account then click on red Gmail icon at top left side. Here, click on Contacts then Import. That’s it.

In case, if you don’t want to transfer the whole contacts then simply open contact in your iPhone then click on share contact then you can send it either via. E-mail or by text message. Thus, you can send it contact individually.

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3. Transferring Photos and Videos:-

Transferring Photos and videos from your old iPhone to your new Android device is one of the easier tasks to do. One of the easiest way is using Via. USB cable and a Windows Computer. Simply, plugin your iPhone to your Windows PC via. USB cable. Once your iPhone is successfully connected then click on Import Pictures and Videos. Here, it will automatically transfer the images and video files. In case, if you want to transfer images and videos individually then head over to Internal Storage> DCIM folder then you can transfer the files individually.

Once, you have copied/ moved/ transferred all the images and videos from your iPhone to Windows PC then you can plugin your Android device via. USB cable to your Windows PC then select and transfer all the images and videos very easily.

However, if you don’t have a USB cable right now or a Windows Computer then you can install third-party apps like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or Google Photos on your iPhone. These are the cloud storage apps. Now, upload all the images and videos that you want to transfer. Once uploaded then you can install the same app on your Android device then download the required images and videos. One of the biggest advantage of this method is that your files gets secured and stored on the cloud service such that if you delete the local file on your phone then you still have a backup on cloud. Moreover, you can access these uploaded images and videos on any android device or iPhone.

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4. Transferring Text Messages:-

Text Messages are one of the most important things that we all need to transfer while switching from an Android to another android device or from an iPhone to an Android device or from Android to iPhone. We all have some previous text messages in our phone such that if they will be deleted or missed then it will be a huge loss. You can download and install an app called iSMS2droid from App Store for completely free. This app works best when it comes to transfer or copy text messages from your iPhone to Android device.

In case, if you are switching from iPhone to a Samsung Android device then you can use Samsung Smart Switch or Kies software to restore iPhone backup that also includes text messages right on you Samsung Android device.

Still, there are hundreds of third-party application softwares are available in the market that let you transfer or copy text messages from your iPhone to your Android device.

Bonus Tip#1: Make sure to turn off iMessage from Settings > Messages and toggle iMessage off. Your SMS and MMS will go to your old iPhone until iMessage is turned off. The reason is that instead of SMS or MMS Apple send iMessage whenever it detects you are both using iOS.

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5. Transferring Music Files:-

In order to move music from iTunes to your Android device, install iTunes on your computer then sign in to your Google Play Music account on the same computer. Now, download and install an app called Music Manager. When it asks where you Store your music then select iTunes. Now, you have the access to upload all songs and playlists. Due to DRM protection, you can’t copy legally TV shows or movies from iTunes to your Android device.

The Biggest Benefit You Get by Switching from iPhone to Android and Google Services:-

iPhone offers almost all the services that are available on Android devices. But, still services gets optimized with Google services and even on an Android device. Below, are some services you get with a Google Account:-

– Android Messaging: Best for Texting.

– Chrome Browser: Awesome browsing experience with bookmarks syncing.

– Google Docs: Best for editing and sharing documents.

– Google Photos: Best for cloud backup of photos and videos.

– Google Duo: Excellent for video chatting.

– Google Keep: One stop solution for keeping notes and making lists.

– Google Contacts: Take backup and share contacts as well.

– Google Calendar: Specify made to stay updated with schedule.

And, Google Drive, Google Play Music, Google Books, Google Cardboard and much more. There are a good number of Google services you will get a Google account.


Here, we are on a bottom-line, and we understood that Switching from iPhone to an Android device is not a big deal if you follow the above discussed guide carefully. Just, make sure to share this amazing article with your friends. Comment below if you have any questions, we will try our best to resolve your queries.


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