Tata Sky Mobile App Comes Handy To Reduce Monthly Subscription


Tata Sky, the number one DTH service provider, keeps on coming up with attractive features and offers for users. Previously, the scenario was different. Every middle-class family had the same problem, Tata Sky is too expensive for a middle-class family. Tata Sky App Comes Handy Decreases Monthly Subscription.

Tata Sky Complaints By Users:

Users had a common problem, that the packages were too costly for a middle-class family. The most average and common pack also cost a lot. Not only this but you will not get your favorite channels too. The English channels were just a luxury.

Tata Sky App Comes Handy Decreases Monthly Subscription:

Tata Sky has launched an app. The app will be handy for users. The app offers an optimization feature that helps them to reduce their monthly channel pack price.

Tata Sky App Comes Handy Decreases Monthly Subscription

Tata Sky App Reduces Your Monthly Package:

Earlier, the user used to pay for those channels too that they didn’t even watch. But with Tata Sky’s app and TRAI, you don’t have to pay for the channels that you don’t watch. That means no paying extra. ou can now optimize your channel packs with Tata Sky and get discounts for the channels you have selected.

You don’t have to sacrifice with the channels you watch or with the package you have selected. The optimization feature discounts and reduces the cost of your TV channel pack without either removing or adding channels.

How To Use Tata Sky Optimization Feature:

Go to the Tata Sky website or the Tata Sky app to see how it works. Log in to your account and go to manage package option. Then select the channels or the packs that you want to optimize and click on the optimize button. Now, if any of your channels are included in a channel bouquet, the optimize feature will recognize it and select that particular one for you. So now, you can enjoy the same channels, but at a lower price. You can also find a very similar feature in the Trai channel selector app.

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