Telecom Industry To Suffer 70,000 Job Losses Due To COVID-19

Telecom Industry Suffer Joblosses

The coronavirus pandemic, disrupting in the various sectors of the economy. Nearly, every sector like Travel and Tourism, Automobile, Aviation Industry and many more have been facing constant financial burden due to the spread of Covid-19. As the Government announced lockdown, normal operations are hampering. Telecom Industry is one of the major sectors, which is facing a significant impact due to the outbreak of Covid-19. Telecom Industry Suffer Joblosses.

Telecom Industry Suffer Joblosses

As per reports, the telecom industry may suffer 70,000 job losses and if the demand of the sub-sectors falls telecom industry to face laying offs. Aditya Narayan Mishra, who is the director and CEO of CIEL HR Services, states that the telecom industry has a total manpower capacity of 20 lakhs. The estimate of the job losses due to COVID-19 everyone is expecting is 70,000.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, manufacturing units are shutting down due to a lack of monetary funds. We are expecting the demand for new handsets will decrease due to the deadly virus. If the expectations are true, the Telecom Industry Suffer Joblosses . Nearly 70,000 employees are working in the handset manufacturing sector.

Telecom Industry Suffer Joblosses

Since the lockdown period, employees are working from home. People are relying on different OTT platforms like all the live programs are at a halt due to the pandemic. As the entertainment needs are increasing, and also workloads are increasing the demand f voice and data in increasing drastically. Telecom operators are facing massive network congestion in their network towers. However, they are trying their best to provide seamless network services amidst challenging times. Telecom operators are enhancing and adding new network towers to meet the needs of the increasing demand of consumers. Also, telecom operators are offering a variety of benefits to their subscribers to help them stay connected with their loved ones.

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