Tempered Glass PC Cases: Best PC Cases That You Can Buy


The popularity of tempered glass PC cases is growing each day. Hardware experts are now coming with a variety of the cases; some of which are top-quality while others are just for short-term use. It is necessary for you to pay attention to details the PC case you want to purchase.

You should also understand what exactly you are spending on when it comes to your computer needs. Ensure you get the best out of the market. It is all simple when you choose to be keen and have the tips to consider in your mind. Below are the tips to consider before buying a PC case and best available on the market. With these tips, you can be sure of picking the best-tempered glass PC cases from the flooded market.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Tempered Glass PC Cases:

  • Motherboard Size: Tempered glass case comes in varied sizes. There are those of the full, medium, and small size. The full and medium-size glasses fit well in a standard motherboard. You should choose a motherboard size that will meet your PC needs conveniently.
  • Front Panel Connectivity: The front panel should ensure multiple connectivity options. It should have USB ports, headphone jack, and mic jack. The ports should match one of your motherboards. The inputs and outputs should allow easy access and connectivity.
  • Lighting: Lighting is there for illumination effects. Most tempered glass with RGB fans, features LED light. For this case, you will have to pay attention to the design and window of the tempered glass case. Choose a window tempered glass case with multi-colored lighting.
  • Cooling Potential: When it comes to cooling, you should know that you can choose air or liquid cooling your PC components. You will find some of the glass with pre-installed fans or specific support for the radiator. You should be able to go with one that will suffice your cooling specifications. Some ensure the cooling of particular parts of the PC. Others will cool both inside and outside of the computer. It is advisable to go for what will suit your expectations.

Why You Need A Tempered Glass For PC:

  • They Are Attractive: Tempered glass PC cases have a beautiful look that adds a flare touch to your computer needs. Buy one of your favorite models and enjoy great gaming moments.
  • They Reduce PC Noise And Protect It: They are designed to reduce noise inside your computer. The construction material of tempered glass prevents overheating and breaking of the glass. In fact, they are durable and offer long lasting service.
  • They Are Convenient: Tempered glasses have multiple inputs and outputs controls. Best tempered glasses PC cases have several expansion packs. The packs enable you to maximize the space in your PC tower.

1. Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-OMEGA Mid-Tower Tempered Glass Gaming

Corsair tampered glass is all you need to give your PC that bold and dynamic look. It has an angular design that will ensure your system stands out. The glass displays your system, unlike other glass cases. It has built-in LED lighting. The front panel of the LED light strip adds bright illumination. It also includes two integrated LED lit cooling fan for more dramatic stylish.

The fans also allow direct air circulation into your system. Thus, a significant breeze is felt on the inside and outside. The glass has a cable routing cutouts and ties downs. As the system is on display, the SPEC OMEGA keeps your cable routing neat and tidy. It also enables the cable routing out of the airflow path for efficient cooling of your system.

2. Anidees AI-CRYSTAL-PM Mid Tower Liquid Cooling, Gaming ATX Case

Anidees tempered glass case is a super quality ATX case for your gaming and computer needs. It has a side window, and the front panel is of tempered glass material. It features in white LED fans. You know what that means. The fans ensure efficient and effective liquid cooling of your desktop. It supports 280mm to 360mm radiators.

With the LED lights, it provides proper illumination effect. The case adds an aesthetic look to your PC. Its simple design ensures easy and quick access to your computer features. This case is durable, and it will offer quality service to your computer year in year out.

3. Thermaltake Core P5 Tempered Glass

It provides you with three placement layout options. You can place it horizontal, vertical or mount it on the wall. The liquid cooling components support cooling up to 480mm. The glass has a scenic open frame design.

Thus, it provides complete access to the available elements and manuals without hindrance. The glass is 5mm thick with tinted window panels. The LCS certification assures you that its compliant with the standard quality requirements. It comes with a 3-year warranty.

Tempered Glass PC Cases

4. Thermaltake Tower 900 Black Edition Tempered Glass

Thermaltake tower tempered glass is all you need for your computer. It is one of the top quality tempered glass cases. The glass case proves to be compatible with extreme liquid cooling configurations. It is the most extensive tempered glass panel that features 5mm thickness.

The panel serves to protect and showcase all the components of your desktop. Its functionality and aesthetic are exceptional. It comes with all that you need to enjoy installation for its modular design. It enables you to build superior air and liquid cooling systems. In fact, it supports up to dual 560mm liquid cooling radiators. The left and right side panels have various mounting points. Thus, it enables the radiators to offer adequate space when building cooling configurations.

5. ROSEWILL ATX Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case, Tempered Glass

Rosewill tampered glass is of high quality thus best choice for customers. The glass is covered with the mid-tower ATX case on both sides and front part. Hence, it gives it an elegant computer case to leverage any gaming experience. Also, the super gaming mid-tower ensure easy and convenient access to your PC. The tempered glass comes with multiples mounted ports. It also includes a fan speed control feature.

The four pre-installed fans ensure optimum ventilation and airflow of your desktop. The fans operate quietly. The side windows of the glass are transparent. They provide a clear view of what is on your desktop. Besides, they allow light to leak and give your computer and unusual clear appearance. You can install CPU cooler and liquid cooling radiator on top and front side.

6. Phanteks PH-EC416PTG _ “Tempered Glass” Edition Cases

It has a metal steel exterior body and a tempered glass side panel. Phanteks tempered glass case has a super RGB downlight of 10 colors. The on and off control switches make it convenient and simple to use. Its RGB fans, allow optimal airflow directly to the CPU. It also supports liquid cooling radiators of up to 360mm.

The SSD brackets ensure that you maximize the space inside your desktop. It accommodates a full-size PSU. The HDD cage is removable, hence, reliable when you want to install long PSUs. It has magnetic dust filters that ensure super cleaning of your PC. The pre-installed Hoop-N-Loop cable ties enable clean cable management.

Tempered Glass PC Cases

7. Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB – Tempered Glass Tower Case

It comes with four tempered glass panels. They are on the top, sides and one on the front. These panels ensure visibility of every component of your computer. The front panel has a modular design that provides easy access to the 3.0 USB port. The Velcro cable straps ensure easy cable management and routing.

Corsair tempered glass features in three pre-installed RGB LED fans. It also includes RGB controller that can accommodate up to six fans. These fans are compatible with a range of radiators. It has removable fan trays of 120mm, 240mm, 280mm, and 360mm.

8. Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX Computer Case – Tempered Glass Edition

The ATX computer case by Phanteks is made of all made of a 3mm thick aluminum body. The right and left side panels are of 4mm tempered glass. It is equipped with three Phanteks fans for direct airflow into your CPU. The quick-release panels offer quick access to the dust filters and fans.

You can, therefore, quickly remove the dust filters. The RGB LED lights to ensure high illumination effects with its ten color scheme. The offset radiator bracket has three different installation areas. The radiator bracket secures no interruptions between the memory and the radiator.

9. Cooler Master MasterBox Pro 5 RGB Mid-Tempered Glass PC Cases

Cooler Master tempered glass scoops the first position in the list. Its outstanding features make it the most bought glass on the market. The glass case has flexible mounting options. You can quickly arrange and rearrange the SSDs across and back. The motherboard tray and SSD bracket ensure secure mounting. It has three pre-installed RGB LED fans behind the front panel.

These fans create an extreme cooling and lighting effect. It includes a bracket that supports the three 120mm front fans. The rear fun goes up to 120mm and the front radiator for liquid cooling up to 360mm. This glass panel is 4mm thick edge to edge. It also includes four pin male to male adapters and the RGB connector splitter.

Tempered Glass PC Cases


Finding the best-tempered glass case for your PC can be quite overwhelming. In fact, it is much hard when you have no idea what exactly will serve your computer rightly. Therefore, the tips above will greatly and automatically help you avoid the fake case.

The best-tempered glass cases are here to make your work easier and perfect when on the market. Choose on that will suit your needs and enjoy the best gaming and user experience.

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