Tesla Now Offers Wireless Charging and USB-C Ports with Model 3


INTRO: Tesla is reportedly adding USB-C ports and a wireless charger to Model 3 vehicles produced at its Fremont, California factory. The company made USB-C ports and wireless chargers standard with Model Y.

USB-C ports & wireless charger To Tesla Model 3 Vehicles

According to the reports from Drive Tesla Canada, the Tesla Model 3 assembled on June 4 this year or later at the Fremont factory features these upgrades of USB-C ports and a wireless charger. According to a Tesla employee quoted by the publication, 2 rear ports and driver-side port will now be USB-C, while the passenger-side front port will remain USB-A Fremont factory is not the first Tesla factory to produce Model 3 with these new accessories. In fact, Model 3 vehicles assembled in China have received the same treatment since last month.

Tesla upgrades US-made Model 3 with wireless charger and USB-C ...

Charger Can Power Upto Two Smartphones

Current Tesla Model 3 owners interested to get a wireless charger may opt for an upgrade from Tesla’s official website. The charger comes with a silicon surface and is capable of simultaneously powering two smartphones. The upgrade, however, will cost you $125.The changes come merely a few weeks after Model 3 received a whopping $2,000 price cut. The base ‘Standard Range Plus’ variant of the Model 3 now starts $37,990 instead of $39,990. Other Tesla’s offerings such as Model S and Model X have received a similar price-cut as well.

Tesla Now Offers Wireless Charging and USB-C Ports with Model 3 ...

Despite being launched back in 2017, it is good to see the company upgrade the vehicle with additions like these to make it a compelling choice among electric cars available in the market. These occasional nice-to-have hardware changes combined with neat software upgrades help Tesla thrive in the electric car segment.


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