Tesla Responds To Traffic Lights, Stop Signals In Latest Update


The property and well equipped Tesla now recognizes to traffic lights and stop signals and stop signs. Tesla Responds Traffic Lights Stop Signals Latest Update. The latest update of Tesla has made changes and now Tesla can also recognize traffic lights.

Tesla Responds Traffic Lights Stop Signals Latest Update:

The update is available to Silver of Tesla owners. Some of whom had posted videos of the new feature.

Available Updates:

The update is not available to all Tesla cars that are on the road nowadays. The vehicles that have the recent Hardware3 package and auto pilot. Company has marketed this as “full self driving”.

The feature, called Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control, is designed to allow the vehicles to recognize and respond to traffic lights and stop signs.

Tesla Responds Traffic Lights Stop Signals Latest Update

Tesla Vehicles – Are They Self Driving?

To be clear, Tesla is not self driving in nature. This feature has its limits.

The feature slows properly equipped Tesla vehicles to a stop when using “traffic-aware cruise control” or “Autosteer.”

The vehicle will slow for all detected traffic lights, including green, blinking yellow and off lights, according to the software release notes.

The vehicle will get a notification that will indicate the intention to slow down. DragTimes tested and shared a video of a beta version of the feature (posted below).

Owners of Tesla must pull the Autopilot stalk once or can manually press the accelerator to continue to stop at the stop line.

Tesla Responds Traffic Lights Stop Signals Latest Update

Tesla said the feature is designed to be conservative at first.

What The Company Wrote In Its Release Notes:

“Over time, as we learn from the fleet, the feature will control more naturally,” the company wrote in the release notes. The company has also warned the owners in the release notes saying, “as, with all Autopilot features, you must continue to pay attention and be ready to take immediate action, including braking because this feature may not stop for all traffic controls.”

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