The First Commercial Earth-to-Moon Data Relay Satellite to be Deployed by 2023


INTRO: NASA has been trying to set up a base on the Moon for quite a long time now. But, establishing a new successful base station on the natural satellite would require very high-level communication equipment. And for that, the development of these pieces of the equipment and sending them often costs millions of dollars. So, to lower the cost of the development and the weight of the bulky equipment, a new startup plan is going to launch its first Earth-to-Moon relay satellite by 2023.

New Startup Plan Earth-to-Moon Relay Satelite By 2023

A private space company, named as CommStar Space Communications, is planning to start a venture to put a data relay satellite between the Earth and the Moon very soon. It is going to launch its first Earth-to-Moon relay satellite by 2023. This new relay satellite targets to increase the speed of communication via the satellite and decreases the cost requirements of communications equipment.

Decreases the Cost of Communication Equipment

The ComStar Space Communications wants to follow the same footsteps of other private space agencies like Rocket Labs and SpaceX who are launching these kinda satellites. The startup wants to mimic the same capabilities of the satellites developed by these renowned private space companies and then bring them over for the lunar communications market. All of this could drastically decrease the cost of the lunar projects that are currently active and in future days also.

Satellite With Optical Laser Communications

So, the plan of CommStar Space Communications is to put a satellite with optical laser communications. All of these experiments are to increase the speed and reliability of communications between any of the satellites that are operating in the space between the Earth and the Moon. Also, the company is working with Thales Alenia Space to finalize the design for its new first satellite, the “CommStar-1”.

This new and latest satellite will be a part of a network of satellites that the company is now aiming to deploy. And this is the network of satellites that will act as a primary communications infrastructure for any communications between the Earth and the Moon for future missions.

As for now, the company aims to launch and deploy the “CommStar-1” by the year 2023. However, we do not know about any launch partners or launch plans, as of now. So, we are hoping to hear about some developments about the project soon, considering the short timeline.


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