This Android App Lets You Know If a Product Is Made in India or Not


INTRO: The anti-China sentiments are currently on a roll in India which has led a few indie developers in the country to come up with new solutions that can help netizens reduce their reliance on Chinese products. Following the success of Remove China Apps which got taken down from the Play Store, there exists an android app that lets you check if a product is made in India.

Made in India App Tells Whether the Product is made in India or not 

Now there's an app to check whether a product is really made in ...

It is quite aptly named ‘Made in India’, Noida-based android developers Mohit Jain and Akshay Tank came up with this app idea. It is available in both English and Hindi. The developers claim that the app can identify products manufactured in over 115 countries.

“Scan the product barcode now to find out the origin country of your product. This free application provides an opportunity for those who wish to support and promote local products,” reads the app listing.

Displays the Origin Country Of Brand 

It works as it says. The Android app will display you the origin country of a brand even if the company manufactures the product in India. However, to test their claims, We scanned the barcode of a Redmi Note 9 Pro made in India and the app detected that it originates from China.

made in india app redmi note 9 pro

Also, apart from smartphones, people tested it out with a wide variety of products lying around in my home, ranging from Godrej’s Good Knight Xpress System Liquid Vaporizer to Britannia’s Good Day Cashew Cookies. The app accurately detected the country in my testing every time. Below is what the app shows if it detects an Indian product:

made in india app test

So, if you want to put your full-force behind the #BoycottChineseProducts campaign then this app will come in super handy in helping you switch to Indian products. You can also just stoke your curiousity and know the origin country of the products you’ve been using for years.

Download the Made in India app from Play Store


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