This App Brings Nokia 3310-Themed Widgets to Your iPhone Home Screen


INTRO: When the Nokia 3310 launched back within the year 2000, it became a huge hit within the market. Almost every person in the world owned one of these back in its heydays. I remember sneaking away with my dad’s 3310 to play the classic “Snake” game thereon (ah! those days). So, if you’re someone who used or had a Nokia 3310 at that point , then we are very sure you’d love this iOS app that brings the classic look of the Nokia 3310 right to the house screen of your iPhone or iPad.

Dubbed as Retro Widget, this iOS app allows you to add some unique widgets on the house screen of your Apple device running the newest iOS and iPadOS 14. It brings the classic, pixelated look of the legendary mobile device from Nokia right the house screen of your iPhone.

Nokia – Metro

Now, as we all know that following its latest iOS release, Apple finally gave its users the choice to customize their home screens. And one among the first factors is that the support for dynamic widgets on iOS and iPadOS 14. So, the Retro Widget app uses this feature to its advantage by letting users add Nokia 3310-themed widgets to their home screens. Users can customize the widgets within the app then attend their “Widget Gallery” to feature it to their screen.

Apart from giving your home screen a retro look and making you are feeling nostalgic AF, the widgets also show dynamic information just like the battery and therefore the network status of your device and the current time of the day.
The app is pretty small in size, coming in at only 4.5 MB, and you’ll grab it from the App Store for a one-time payment of Rs. 159 (~$2.16). Are you ready to feel nostalgic again?

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