This Chrome Extension Lets You Get Facebook’s “Old Layout” Back


INTRO: With an aim to offer its UI a Twitter-like look, Facebook unveiled a replacement UI design for its social platform at its annual F8 event last year. Now, what if we told you that you simply can easily bring back the classic look of Facebook with the assistance of a Chrome extension?

A dissatisfied Facebook user recently created an appropriately named Chrome extension, “Old Layout” to bring back classic Facebook for the users. Made by an internet developer, Matt Kruse, the “Old Layout” extension adds the old classic look to Facebook’s web platform without the user wanting to configure anything.

How to Get Back Facebook Classic Design?

So, to urge back the old design of Facebook, all you’ve got to try to to is attend the official website for the extension and install it on your Chrome browser.

After the installation, you won’t got to configure anything or tweak any setting to form it work. open Facebook and you’ll find that it is reverted back from the fashionable look to Facebook’s classic design.

How Does It Work?

Now, consistent with the creator, the way “Old Layout” works is pretty simple. The extension does nothing with the ASCII text file of the platform to accumulate the old design. Instead, it makes Facebook’s using an older version of Chrome on which the New Look of the platform doesn’t support.

So, users might see an “update your browser” notification pop-up on their screens while using the extension. However, don’t worry that and ignore them directly as your browser doesn’t need an update. It is just making Facebook think that it needs an update.

So, if you want ot get back to the older layout, install this Chrome extension to urge Facebook’s “Old Layout” back.

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