This Guy Created a 3D VR Version of His Favourite Pub


INTRO: Due to the Coronavirus-led lockdowns in place going to our favorite places whether its parks, pubs, or malls it all has become a myth because of the current situation. But a resident of the UK has been missing going to his favorite bar, so badly that he created a 3D version of it to experience the environment in virtual reality (VR) without all needing to break the lockdown rules.

Guy Created 3D Virtual Reality Of His Favourite Bar

A guy from Uk named Tristan Cross was missing his favorite bar so much that he created a 3D Virtual Reality of his favorite place to feel as if he is at that place while sitting at home amidst the situation of coronavirus. Now, creating a 3D model of a structure sounds quite difficult, especially when you have no previous experience of working with 3D modeling.

This was exactly the case for Tristan as he was an amateur in the field. However, the wish and will power to enjoy the environment of his favorite pub led him to create the bar in VR from absolute scratch. You can watch him enjoy his drinks in the video below.

Designed the Base Structure of the Bar with references of Blueprints and pictures

Cross, got his hands on the blueprint of the pub as Bryan Fitzsimons, the current owner of the pub, send him that along with some reference photographs of the pub. After getting his hands on the resources, Cross downloaded Archipack, which is an add-on for the open-source 3D software, Blender, and went off to create the base structure of the pub. He successfully created a room with the pub’s dimensions. Then he sent it to his friends who told him it looks exactly like Skehan’s.

This gave Tristan the confidence to create the whole pub in Virtual Reality with every detail and he spent the next few weeks creating a 3D Virtual Reality version of his favorite pub. You can check out the run-through of the final 3D model in the video below.

Cross used Quixel’s Megascans library of textures

Now, to give his 3D pub the realistic touch, Cross used Quixel’s Megascans library of textures which are scanned from real objects to achieve the feat. For the people, he used software that takes pictures of people and creates a 3D version of it.

So, there are some familiar faces in the VR pub-like Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp, and Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger! Although the pub looks quite realistic, the people there are more like puppets, killing off the “realistic vibe”.

VR Pub 1

Future of VR ( Virtual Reality) Seems Quite Bright

Nonetheless, it is quite fascinating to see that creating VR experiences have become an attainable goal, even for a layman like Tristan. We have seen how AR and VR can help industries in the future and after this news, the fact that creating VR experiences like this are gradually becoming easier, the future of VR tech seems quite bright.


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