This Insurance Company Says iPhone 12 Is the Strongest Smartphone They Ever Tested


INTRO: Apple, with the launch of the newest iPhone 12 models, made one among the most important year-over-year upgrades for its devices in terms of durability. The Cupertino tech giant worked with global glass manufacturer, Corning to introduce the new protective layer for its iPhones — the “Ceramic Shield”. Now, an insurance firm tested out its results and termed the newest iPhone the foremost durable smartphone they ever tested.

American insurance firm , Allstate decided to place Apple’s Ceramic Shield to check after the corporate started shipping the iPhone 12 and therefore the 12 Pro, then they did. And, this is how it went down.
The Ceramic Shield Is Strong, but…

The iPhones underwent two drop tests, each onto a concrete footpath, from a height of 6 feet. Both the devices worked fine after the drop tests, although they did show some cracks on the screens. Now, the cracks on the iPhone 12 were negligible. However, the 12 Pro cracked badly following the primary drop.

Apple claims that its new Ceramic Shield is tougher than any smartphone glass the market. Moreover, it’s alleged to provide fourfold better drop protection than the screen of its predecessors, the iPhone 11 series.

Now, it’s surely commendable that Apple decided to figure on its smartphones’ durability this year. However, it’s definitely not drop-proof yet. So, it’s always an honest idea to place a protective case on your iPhone regardless of how strong this protective layer is.
Allstate made a test video to market their iPhone insurance that has coverage for cracked screens. And during this video, you’ll watch their iPhone 12 drop tests. Check it out right below.

Allstate said, “the iPhone 12 is that the most durable smartphone we’ve ever tested”. They further went on to feature , “Its ceramic shield may be a breakthrough for durability, although not indestructible.”

While the iPhone 12 did live up to the expectations, the 12 Pro, on the opposite hand, did not. So, if you’re getting to get the new iPhones, confirm to take a position in some protection plans and protective cases because these expensive devices still need that extra care.

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