You Can Work From a Ferris Wheel At This Japanese Theme Park


    INTRO: Since the Coronavirus pandemic has gripped our lives over the past 10 months, people have become accustomed to working from their cozy couches now. In fact, more than 70% of the Indian population now prefer working from home. Now, as humans, we always tend to add a little flare to everything new in our world. So, now rather than performing from home, a Japanese theme-park is giving the people the chance to figure from inside an enormous Ferris wheel. Well, that’s how crazy this year is.

    According to recent reports, “Yomiuriland”, a recreation park in Tokyo introduced a new package that lets individuals work from exotic locations inside the park. The announcement of the new package came recently from the official Twitter handle of Yomiuriland.
    Dubbed as “workcation”, this unique package allows customers, who can work on a laptop, to rent a personal space inside the theme park.

    So, if you’re to require this package, you’ll expect to attend your next virtual video-conference sitting beside an aesthetic pool or from inside an enormous Ferris wheel .
    Now, this “workcation” package will provide customers a private working booth beside the swimming bath within the park. Moreover, the purchasers will get an opportunity to figure while enjoying a birdseye-view of the town of Tokyo from inside the enormous Ferris wheel within the park.

    Moreover, the Japanese theme park has numerous dedicated Wi-Fi points spread around its facility. So, if you would like a continuing internet connection to finish your official tasks, don’t worry, this place got you covered.

    As per the report, Yomiuriland charges 1,900 yen (~Rs. 1320) for booking the package on weekdays, which is somewhat reasonable. But, you also need to consider the fact that you will be working from a Ferris wheel (WFFW), which I think, is pretty crazy on its own.

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