This New AI Can Simulate “Wimbledon Championship” Matches


INTRO: With more and more development in AI (AI), today’s AI systems can do exactly everything. From aiding the military on the battlefield to controlling a whole ship, there isn’t much that AI cannot do. Now, a team of researchers has created an AI system that will simulate tennis matches between popular players like Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic.

As the famous tennis tournament, the Wimbledon Championship got canceled this year thanks to the continued pandemic, researchers from Stanford University created an algorithm which will synthesize tennis matches with the help of an AI system.

According to the researchers, the system is trained on a database of annotated footage of varied tennis matches. And the repetitive nature of the sport helped the system to simply grab specific information from the info to predetermine the movements of popular tennis stars like Djokovic and Federer.

This New AI Can Simulate “Wimbledon Championship” Matches | Beebom

For instance, the AI system knows that Djokovic likes to push the ball towards his opponents’ weak side during a game and it also knows that Federer, in most of his games, plays closer to the baseline than Djokovic. So, during a simulation game between Federer and Djokovic, the system will follow these details to bring out realistic-looking gameplay footage of the players.

Now, as this is often a computing system, the researchers say that they will even simulate a match which can be impossible in real-life. Like a match between Serena Williams and Serena Williams!

Apart from creating these unusual matches, the system also can analyze and manipulate various factors of a game. So, it can simulate a real-life match and show how it might are if one crucial shot had landed during a different position.

Now, the system isn’t all perfect and you’ll be ready to tell the difference between a true match and a simulated match. It is because the fans and therefore the officials don’t ever move and there are not any shadows for the players or the ball.

However, consistent with the researchers, the very fact that their system can now recognize the behavior of the players on the sector differentiates it from their previous iterations.

You can inspect the video explaining the AI system right below.

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