This Programmer Made a Mask that Shows Face Movements When You Speak


INTRO: With the current ongoing situation of Coronavirus pandemic which is showing no signs of slowing down or getting away from human life, now it’s important for people to start wearing face mask in public places as a precaution. However, the biggest problem with face masks is not the fact that it makes your face feel warm or the constant tug of the ear-loop. Actually no, the most annoying issue, other than anything else is that Face ID not working, is that no one can see your lips move when you talk and it’s really weird.

But, here we have a programmer who has now tried to solve that issue by making a face mask that can show the wearer’s emotions; sort of we can say. The programmer, named Tyler Glaiel has shared a video on Twitter showing the Face mask in action. The mask brings out the movement of the lips as the wearer speaks while wearing the mask. Moreover, the battery is inside the mask itself, so you don’t need to carry around something extra along with you.

If you are interested in getting a face mask like this for yourself, you can easily make one for yourself on your own, apparently. Tyler has shared detailed build instructions in a Medium post, and he also says that anyone over 15 years of age will very easily likely be able to build it. He has also shared the source code for the LED controller on his GitHub page so you will need to clone that as well with it.

Here are the links that will take you to the Medium post and the Arduino source code on GitHub that you will need for the project to make one similar mask for yourself. So, now go for the video and start making this unique and innovative face mask for yourself.


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