This Search Engine Ecosia Plants Trees From Every Search You Make


INTRO: In our line of labor, we use tons of search engines to quench our thirst for curiosity. There are search engines that specialize in various technical aspects like DuckDuckGo’s specialize in web-privacy. However, none of those popular search engines specialize in the environmental aspect. Well, not “Ecosia”! The Bing-based program is all about the betterment of the environment.

Browsing through the App Store on my iPhone, I found this unique program, “Ecosia”. According to its claims, whenever you look for a question on this program, you help the planting of a replacement tree during this world somewhere.


Now, I installed the app on my iPhone X and it works pretty well. I have been using it for an hour approximately and it works like all other mobile browsers like Safari or Chrome. However, the ad revenue generated by each user’s search goes towards the planting of trees around the world.

The organization publishes monthly financial reports to point out how the funds from the searches generate and where do they really go. So, there is full transparency on that part. Also, consistent with the team’s claims, the program doesn’t sell any data to any third-party trackers. It even unlinks the small print of the users from the searches within one week’s time.

On opening the app, there’s a home page that shows the number of trees that were planted with the ad revenue of the Ecosia users. From here, you’ll type to look at your query. You can also open multiple tabs to browse various websites simultaneously. Now, the browsing speed is fairly good, but not up to the mark like other high-end mobile browsers.

Now, It is quite good to see that organizations are now taking the environment seriously and trying to improve it. According to Ecosia’s website, their servers that power the searches run on 100% renewable energy. Also, recently, the organization crossed the 100 million mark and it is growing continuously.

Apart from the iOS app, you furthermore may have a Chrome extension that you simply can increase your browser. The mobile app is also available for Android devices, which you can get from the Play Store.

So, rather than using search engines that collect your private data and track you around the web, why not use one that helps to vary the planet for the better?



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