This Unique Treadmill Made for VR Gaming Is Exactly What We Need During the Pandemic


INTRO: As we all know, computer game (VR) tech allows us to roam around new environments from the comfort of our homes. We’ve already seen companies develop some unique products to amplify the VR experience. Now, a US-based VR startup, named Virtuix, has developed a treadmill to assist you play VR games and stay fit at an equivalent time.

The company started the development of “Omni,” which is a unique omnidirectional VR-supported treadmill simulator way back in 2013. While the first iteration was an arcade- or business-focused product, the company will now let you invest in a home version of its device, which you will receive sometime in 2021.

The “Omni One” – A Treadmill With a Twist

Dubbed the “Onmi One”, it’s essentially a mixture of a really slippery circular base and a 360-degree contraption with a vest to carry the user in situ . To use the device, users will need to stand on the slippery base with special shoe covers and fasten themselves to the contraption using the dedicated vest.

The “Omni One” Is a Unique VR Gaming Treadmill-Simulator | Beebom

Once the user sets up the device, he/ she is going to be ready to walk, run, jump, and crouch right that circular base. So basically, the contraption holds the user in situ while his/ her feet slide on the just about friction-less circular base. All of the movements then convert into actual movements in VR games, which they will play by downloading from a fanatical store by the corporate .

This VR treadmill promises the ultimate immersive gaming experience from  the comfort of your home! | Yanko Design

Virtuix states that they will add 30 VR titles in the store at the time of launch. Later, the corporate plans to feature third-party games like Call of Duty and Fortnite also .
Now, just imagine how fun would it be to run across the map, for real, and take down enemies in Warzone. Sounds amazing, right? Also, you’ll then replace your Peloton with this VR treadmill to stay fit and active while enjoying your favorite VR games.

Now, your next question would be – what proportion does this contraption cost?
Virtuix plans to sell the Omni One treadmill for $1,995 (~Rs 1,46,343). However, the corporate has started, what’s called, a “Regulation A” funding campaign. This means that interested buyers will have to invest a minimum amount of $1000 to get a 20% discount (40% for those who invested in the first week) on the retail version when it starts shipping next year.

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