Best Timeline Maker Free to have a Planned Schedule


When was the last time you felt the urgent desire of having a planned schedule so that you can move accordingly? I know you must have faced this situation in the recent past. And, that is why today I am here to help you out.

Interestingly, with so much development in the recent past years, Human civilization has progressed a lot. And, technological advancement has helped us to face an adverse situation. As you will move ahead with this post, I will let you accustom to some of the best timeline sites. Not just this, all the below-mentioned sites would be free of cost. Isn’t it amazing!

Let’s get started with getting to know this post where you will let to know about what is Timeline, why it is essential. And, what are the some of the best types of site that help you to make some best Timeline?


A Timeline is a minute to the minute written description of an event. It tells you how an event is going to take place. There is every bit of information available in the Timeline. Timelines help people to gain clarity, and it also boosts coordination in a group of people. It ensures that everybody is aware of all the activities and possesses a detailed description of it.

Importance of Timeline and Why do you need it:

There are a lot of reasons why you might need a Timeline. It would just not be possible to mention all of them. But, for your convenience I am saying about a few so that you can make it of clarity:

  • It helps in the smooth flow of the working process.
  • It plays a vital role in carrying out the activities in the web process.
  • It has a chronological description of the event, so there is transparency as well as clarity.
  • There is no need to remember anything as you have everything in a written order, so it eliminates all the confusion.

Best Timeline Maker Free

By now, we have gathered a lot of information regarding the Timeline and why it necessary. And, this was something which was very much needed. But, now it’s the time to look at quite a few of the sites and also to know about them in a bit of detail. We provide the names of some of the best Timeline that helps you to make the best Timeline. Now we shall be moving forward to get the details about it. So, let’s start:

Time Toast


To begin with, the first name that I have on the list is of Time Toast. It is instrumental and helps in creating a tool that does its job perfectly well. Another good thing about this timeline tool provides its services free of cost. And, then it does not have a lot of fancy features, it has some basic features that help you to carry out your primary job exceptionally well.

It also has some enticing features, whatever students have created can be shared with different social media platforms. Another fact is that it comes very handy with the teachers as well as the students. If used creatively, it can do wonders and can prove out to be of great help. One can easily subtly do a lot of comprehensions and can benefit.

It is easy to use, and also it is user-friendly. So in my advice, you can choose to use this timeline maker free of cost, and I am sure of the fact that it is not going to disappoint you.

Time Glider

Best Timeline Maker Free to have a Planned Schedule

The next name that we have on the list is of Time Glider. It is yet another effortless to use timeline maker. This particular Timeline is straightforward to use, and the interface is also user-friendly. Time Glider is full of exciting features, and it helps to create attractive tools over the internet, and this is wonderful.

As I was telling you that it has some fantastic features, let me tell you a bit about it. This Timeline helps you to the pan and zoom the schedule that you have made it. It allows you to highlight certain events that are quite important in a program. 

This Timeline allows you to allot a unique timeline URL’s which is just great. I believe that you must use it once and make the most of this free timeline tool because it is just amazing.

Free Timeline

Best Timeline Maker Free to have a Planned Schedule

The next name that we have on the list is of Free Timeline. It is also a fantastic timeline tool. It is used and trusted by a million users, and that is why you cannot question its credibility. The device is very much indicative and then as the name itself suggest it is free of cost and you can use it without spending a penny.

You can start to use this Timeline without having to sign up, which is the best thing about this timeline maker tool. If we talk further, then the interface of the device is also straightforward, and then there is also the option of the import feature. Another great thing about this tool is that you can use it as much you want; there is no requirement of a subscription.

Timeline JS

Best Timeline Maker Free to have a Planned Schedule

Moving on with the list, the next name that I have on the list is of Timeline JS, which is another excellent free of cost timeline maker tool. The exciting thing about this timeline tool is that it is an open-source timeline maker. It is embedded with a lot of various features, and there are a lot of pre-made templates, and this helps the users to make the effective use of it.

Talking more about its features, then it has a lot of Ready-made templates. The best part is you can import a lot of documents and make the Timeline accordingly. The users can accept the pre templates or can move further for the customization process and can create whatever they want. 

You would be amazed to know that this particular timeline maker tool supports its services in more than 40 languages. Isn’t this amazing! If you want to make a sophisticated timeline where you will require a lot of tools, then you must try it for once.

Twitter Custom Timelines

Twitter Custom timelines

The next tool that I have on the list is of Twitter Custom Timelines. We all know that social media is operated by a lot of potential teachers and also the students. It is one such free of cost timeline tool that helps the users to make a specific timeline with a lot of add on and customization according to one’s own needs.

It is used explicitly for Twitter. It helps the students, teachers and all kind of learners to put up all sorts of tweets together in one platform. And, this is something unique because never in the history of human civilization, we have developed something like this. 

It also enables the user to use timeline sharing and even website embedding. One must use it if they want to make learning more productive and enjoyful. It is a good free of cost timeline maker tool.


smart draw

Coming up with the next name, the next word that I have on the list is of Smart Draw. It is an extremely well-designed free of cost timeline tool. You can with no shadow of doubt and can rate it five on five as it has a lot of unique features and it works exceptionally well and according to your own will.

SmartDraw has a lot of ready-made templates, and then it has a lot of Automatic formatting options that allow you to make some creative Timelines. A lot of Timeline needs to be structured well, and that is why it is of great help because it does not charge even a penny for all the things that it offers.

You can edit and also download anything and everything that you have made. The best and the best part about this free timeline maker tool is that it allows you to the Timeline that you have made to export it into the Msword op PowerPoint so that you can use it further. Isn’t it unique as it provides all of it for free of cost?



Another name that we have on the list of Free timeline maker tool is that of Our Story. It is yet another great and fantastic tool that enables you to create some tremendous timeline for one’s use. It is specifically structured to fulfil one’s personal use, and hence you can use according to your wish.

It has a lot of fascinating features, to name a few it has a wide media-rich and then you can also have collaborative timelines in your timelines. It is something extraordinary. Another great thing about this tool is that it gives you the liberty to have a lot of interactivity and then social media sharing, which is just great. And, also you need not have any premium subscription to use its features.

All in all, it is a great tool, and one must use it according to one’s individual choice. And, one must give this excellent free timeline maker tool a chance, and I am sure of the fact that it is not going to disappoint you.



MyHistro is the next name that I have on the list. It is one of the best timeline maker tool. It is free of cost, and it is straightforward to use. The interface of this timeline maker tool is user-friendly, and then it is one of the most innovative tools that you can come across without having to pay anything.

It is one of the best timelines that you could for conducting online training. It is the best tool that you can use for telling a story; in short, it is one of the best options that you can use for storytelling. Another thing about this timeline tool that you must know that it also works on the iPhone application. It is very much flexible.

You can also extend its use to different social media websites. All in all, it does its work very efficiently, and one must use it at least for once so that he could know that he should use it all the time.



Last but not least, the name that I have on my list is of Sutori. It does its job correctly, and you could avail its services without thinking much as it is free of cost. It also has Audio and Video embedding. This timeline tool has a great combination of text and pictures. It is very user – friendly, and you can bring it to use for your ease.


From now on, you will not face any problem which shall force you to disrupt your timetable. Because now you know about all the best site with the help of which you can make the best Timeline. It shall be beneficial to you. The task to jot down was not an easy task, but for you, readers ease I did it.

Hop on this list and make use of your favourite Timeline as the best part about all of them is that It is free. Despite all the details mentioned here, you feel like you are missing out on something then please do let me know about your query in the comment section. You would be able to find it below the post. Drop all your questions there, and I shall try my best to resolve each one of them.

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