Trai Might Invalidate Your 10 Digit Mobile Number In Near Future

Trai Might Invalidate

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) has come out with five recommendations. The telecom body is pushing to create a ‘Unified Numbering Plan’ so that adequate numbering resources can be maintain for fix landline and mobile number in the country. This will change the method of existing phone numbers. We have to dial an extra ‘0’ before every number we want to dial. Recommendations are inspire by the inputs by various stakeholders during the discussions held during Open House Discussion (OHD) conducted in January.

Trai Might Invalidate

The key recommendations from Trai are shifting to the 11 didn’t number from the existing 10 digit number. The key recommendations from the Trai are shifting the current 10 digit mobile numbers to 11 digits and adding a ‘0’ as prefix. Along with this, the new numbers which are going to come out in the future might start with different digits.

Very soon you might see the rule for adding ‘0’ as a prefix before dialling in phone numbers. Right now, you can make calls using landlines without adding in ‘0’ at the start of the number, but if the new recommendations were to come in place, this will change. At present, you dial ‘0’ before dialling in the phone number when you are making an inter-service call. But for calls that you will make from landline to another landline, mobile to mobile, or mobile to landline will be same.

Trai Might Invalidate

It is the second biggest recommendation that Trai is laying out. The current mobile numbers which are 10 digits in number. Trai Might Invalidate your 10 digit mobile number.

Trai Might Invalidate and this will help in utilizing 10 million numbers.

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