TRAI National Tariff Order FTA Channels Will Be Provided At Flat Rupees 130


TRAI(Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has passed an NTO 1.0 before. Now, TRAI has published NTO 2.0 (National Tariff Order 2.0) which will focus on several aspects. TRAI Order Providing FTA Channels Flat Rupees 130. NTO 2.0 will also focus on reducing the NCF for Multi TV users and a lot more.

TRAI Tariff To Offer TV Subscription Affordable by 15%

Users will get more FTA channels at flat rupees 130 for the basic slab. Subscription plans will vary based on discounts offered by operators. TRAI has also said implementation of NTO 2.0 will bring back DTH and Cable TV users as it will make subscription affordable my at least 15%.

TRAI Order Providing FTA Channels Flat Rupees 130

What’s New With NTO 2.0?

One of the major change which NTO 2.0 will bring is to Network Capacity Fee (NCF); Trai introduced NCF charges with NTO 1.0 wherein every DTH, Cable TV subscriber will have to pay mandatory charges of Rs 153 (including taxes) every month. In return, subscribers will be offered 100 free-to-air channels for Rs 153. However, this is set to change with the new tariff order 2.0.

In the new tariff order, TRAI has given full flexibility to the broadcasters to declare the maximum retail price of their pay channel. If a channel is a part of the bouquet, the maximum retail price of that channel cannot be more than Rupees 19.

TRAI Order Providing FTA Channels Flat Rupees 130

TRAI Order Providing FTA Channels Flat Rupees 130:

Those who are still unaware of the details of orders provided by TRAI, here are the details in brief.

National Tariff Order used to provide 100 channels in the base slab of rupees 130. Including tax charges, it used to be rupees 153. After which the subscribers are charged rupees 23 extra for every slab of additional 25 channels.

TRAI said that in order to provide choice to the subscribers and to curb skewed prices of a-la-carte channels as compared to bouquets, it has mandated that a broadcaster can offer a maximum discount of 15% while offering its bouquet of pay channels over the sum of MRPs of all the of pay channels in that bouquet.
The restriction of the maximum discount of 15% confirms that a subscriber is not forced to take channels, clarified TRAI.

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