Telcos Ask Trai To Retain 50 Paise Per Spam SMS Rule


Telecom operators Bharti Airtel, Reliance Jio, Vodafone Idea, and Tata Communications is urging trai to continue the 50 Paise Per Spam SMS rule to eliminate spam messages from telemarketers. Trai To Retain 50 Paise.

Trai To Retain 50 Paise

TRAI rolled out the regime back in 2012. They also make it mandatory that you have to pay 50 paise per SMS after 100 free SMS limits. TRAI has address their views in a virtual open house discussion, conducted by TRAI amid this lockdown period.

Trai To Retain 50 Paise:

As per TRAI’s 54th amendment of Telecom Tariff Order will create a problem for telemarketers. This will also discourage all unsolicited commercial communication (UCC). As the present rule lacks enough disincentives to push away the telemarketers. Rajan Mathews is the director-general of COAI. The director general of COAI states that this disincentive rule should be applied for those telemarketers who breaks into the system and sends loads of spam messages to users.

TRAI states that after following the 50 paise rule, consumers are still complaining against them. TRAI is asking to use the DLT technology to curb the spam traffic. Messaging Services director Anurag Aggarwal says TRAI must note lift the disincentive of 50 paise per SMS regime as DLT technology is still under working. He also states that other financial disincentives are present to curb spam traffic.

Trai To Retain 50 Paise

Railways are paying 2 crores for Non-commercial sites. Umesh Balonda says Railways are facing distress from the restrictions as they are paying a massive amount of 2 crores to the non-commercial messages. Also, the Railway Department’s service provider is charging 50 paise per SMS related to security and safety purposes. Nearly, 7,500 SIMS used by Railways for non-commercial purposes are paying 50 paise per SMS to providers.

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