Top 10 Must Try Travel Apps for Backpackers


Looking for best travel apps for your android device? Yes! Then currently you are at right place because below, we have mentioned the list of top 10 best must try travel apps for backpackers. These must install apps really helps a lot while traveling or planning for a trip. Therefore, being a smartphone user, you must be smart as well. You can be smart user by using these awesome travel apps for Android and iOS platforms. Interested users can download these below mentioned apps from Google Play Store or App Store. Thus, we recommend all our readers to must give a complete reading to this article in order to not miss any important information.

List of Top 10 Must Try Travel Apps for Backpackers

1. Google Translate

This list of best travel apps for backpackers begins with Google Translate. Whenever it comes to get best translated results, we use Google Translate app. If you are an Android phone owner then there are ninety percent chances that this app is already installed in your Android device. The user-interface of this app is pretty good and very easy to understand. Recently, Google worked on machine learning with Google Translate. So, if you are away from home country then this app will really gonna help you to understand their regional language.

2. Hostelworld

Second must installed app in a traveler’s android device is Hostelworld. If you are a budget traveler or you have a low/ tight budget then you can look for this app called Hostelworld. Here, you will find all top rated and best hostels to stay at right price. Moreover, the user-interface of Hostelworld app is decent and well-managed. Here, you can book a place to stay in just few minutes. So, don’t worry at all where should you stay. First, you will need to create an account then login. That’s it.

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3. Momondo

Want more? Here, we have Momondo. This third party android application is a flight search engine. Here, you will find best price oriented flights. There is a huge database of carriers. Even, you will get to your destination with the cheapest flight rates by searching it on Momondo app. Apart from that the user-interface of Momondo app is quite decent and well-organized. Not only for Android, Momondo app is also available for iOS devices can be downloaded from App Store. We recommend all backpackers to give Momondo app a try.

4. WhatsApp

While going for a vacation or a long trip, every travelers wants to stay in touch with its family members and friends. In this scenario, nothing is better than WhatsApp. WhatsApp is an instant messaging social media app that let users chat with friends and family members. Moreover, it highlights WhatsApp status feature that can be used to update where you are? What are you doing? And, what are you feeling right now? You can also share the beautiful scenarios with your friends and family. Moreover, it also let you do audio and video calls for completely free. You can download this app from Google Play Store and App Store.

5. Duolingo

Interested to learn a language? Yes! Then Duolingo is specially made for you. Currently, if you are already on a trip and don’t understand the language but that language sounds good and you are interested to learn that language. Thus, you must give Duolingo a try. Using this application, users can start from the basics of that language. The genuine thing about Duolingo is that here you learn languages by playing language learning games. You can download this app from Google Play Store or App Store.

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In the middle of this list, we have as another best traveler app for backpackers. Using this app, users will never lose their way. Basically, let you download offline maps. Therefore, while traveling or on a trip if you loose Network or internet connection then still you can look for offline maps. The user-interface of is decent and well maintained. This application is available for both Android and iOS devices. Even, if you have used Google Maps offline then still you will find better option.

7. XE Currency

Next, we have XE Currency. Using this app, users can get this app from Google Play Store or App Store for both Android and iOS devices. While traveling, it is very important to do expenses carefully in order to avoid any costly mistakes. Therefore, having a currency rates detail with you is the best option to go. All the things get easier with XE Currency app. You just need to download and install this app on your smartphone and you will get all Currency rates related information.

8. Skyscanner

Next, the best must traveler app is Skyscanner. This is one of the must popular and widely used flight search engine. If you don’t liked the Momondo app then you must give Skyscanner app. Using this app, users can easily get best flight search results. Thus, you will find flight results related to your requirements. Moreover, the user-interface of Skyscanner app is good and decent. Therefore, we recommend all travelers to must give Skyscanner a try.

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8. Skype

Skype is a popular social media video calling app available for both Android and iOS devices. Using this app, you can make video calls even while you are abroad. You must need to have some credit in your Skype account then you can enjoy video calling with your family members and friends. Apart from that the user-interface of Skype app is well-organized and decent. Thus, Skype stands as must try app for serious travelers.

9. Pocket

Second best must try traveler app, we have Pocket app. This app let users save any web-page for later reading. To begin with it you just need to click on the share icon then click on the pocket app icon. Once done, the web page will be saved and you can read it later whenever you want. Apart from that it also let you save videos for later streaming. Therefore, if you are planning to go for a long trip then pocket app will never let you feeling bore

10. Trail Wallet

On the last of this list but not the least, we have Trail Wallet. This application is only available for iOS devices. If you are an Android user then you can try its alternative app called Travel Pocket. This app will help you in creating travel budget and expenses. This app supports more than 200+ local currencies. Thus, this app will really help you a lot in making a travel budget for your trip. The user-interface of Trail Wallet is good and decent as well.

Love to Travel?

Everyone loves to travel because it not only let us go out of stressful environment but also relaxes our mind, and we get refreshed. Therefore, to keep the traveling way forward, above we have discussed the list of top 10 best traveler apps for Android and iOS devices of 2019. Comment below if you know any other best traveling app that must be discussed above.

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