Truecaller Adds Spam Message Filtering on iPhones


INTRO: Due to Apple’s strict privacy policies, Truecaller always lags behind when it involves features on iPhones as against Android phones. The company is now trying to bridge the gap by adding support for spam message filtering on iOS. Truecaller has added the feature in the latest update bearing version number 11.12.

With this update, you’ll now easily filter unknown messages and spam messages on iPhones. After updating the app, you ought to head to Settings -> Messages -> Message Filtering (Unknown & Spam) and choose Truecaller under SMS Filtering to enable the feature. This should are available handy for tons of users, especially during a country like India where there’s no lack of spam messages.

SMS Spam Filtering Comes to iPhone! - Truecaller Blog

In 2018, TrueCaller found that India receives the most spam calls in the world. However, India dropped to 5th place globally last year. According to TrueCaller’s estimates as of 2019, the highest 5 countries suffering from spam calls are Brazil, Peru, Indonesia, Mexico, and India.

Also being improved within the update are caller ID and spam call detections on iPhones. According to Truecaller’s Director of Product Kunal Dua, the corporate has enhanced the reliability of spam call detections. You can enable the feature from Settings -> Phone -> Call Blocking & Identification. Another neat feature worth remarking is that Truecaller will automatically identify numbers that you simply have searched before.

TrueCaller is currently rolling out the update via App Store. If you’re a Truecaller user, try the update and allow us to know your experience in terms of spam messages filtering within the comments.

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