Twitter Adds Quoted Retweet Counts on Android and the Web


INTRO: After rolling out quoted retweet counts on iOS last week, Twitter has now made the feature available on Android and the web version. Essentially, this means the feature is live across all platforms that Twitter is available on.

Twitter Quoted Retweet Count Feature 

This latest feature Twitter has brought out recently to make it easier to follow and keep track of the conversations on the platform. And just a day before this announcement, Twitter began testing a way to let its users limit replies to the tweets, which will help prevent abuse and harassment on the platform but does not have some of the pricky implications for the politicians’ tweets and then the spreading of fake information.

For the ones who don’t know about all of this, the feature lets you view the number of tweets with and without comments. You can access the feature by clicking or tapping on the Retweets button. With this feature, users no longer need to depend on third-party services to view quoted replies to their tweets.

Available On Android and Web Version  

twitter quoted retweet counts android

As mentioned above, quoted retweet counts are now rolling out widely on Twitter Android app and the web. The feature is live for me on both of the platforms, as you can see in the featured image and the image below. That said, in case you’re not seeing the feature, you should hopefully be getting it in the coming weeks. Also, you should try updating the app to the latest version available on the Play Store.

Twitter has been making changes to its user interface to make it easier for users to hold conversations on the platform. As part of its efforts, the company recently rolled out threaded conversations, a feature that helps you keep track of the overall flow of the conversation. The company is also testing the ability to limit participants in your tweets. With this, users can control who can reply to their tweets on the platform. The feature can prove useful to hold meaningful conversations on the public platform without distractions.


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