Twitter Might Soon Let You React to Tweets With Emojis, Fleets


INTRO: Twitter embraced emojis for all their worth by launching reactions for DMs earlier this year. Now, the platform is apparently testing a new option which would enable you to respond to a tweet with an emoji. The new feature was discovered by software reverse engineering specialist, Jane Manchun Wong. She shared a screenshot of the feature a few hours earlier, naming it ‘Tweet Reactions’.

As it can be seen, users might soon get the option to react to tweets with emojis. Twitter is also apparently working on another additional option – React with Fleet. As part of the plan, users will also be able to react to tweets with temporary messages called ‘Fleets’ that were originally introduced earlier this year.

Fleets, in case you are unaware of what is all about, these are transient tweets that vanish after 24 hours. This is Much like regular tweets, Fleets can also include images, videos, and GIFs alongside standard text and emoji. Twitter has started testing the feature in Brazil in March, and it has since been rolled out to users in India. The Fleets appear separately from the users’ main timeline and can be seen at the top of users’ Home Page and their profile page.

Meanwhile, it is currently unclear as to how either of the features will work. There’ is no word on whether the reaction will be attached to a retweet or if it would be presented in a separate panel. Or for that matter, if the emoji response will replace the regular heart icon on the tweet itself. Either of the ways, let’s hope that we get some answers sooner rather than later.


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