Twitter Now Lets You Limit Who Can Reply To Your Conversations


INTRO: Recently Twitter has begun testing a new feature today and the new feature enables the users to select who can participate or can take part in their conversations on the platform. When you will be using the Twitter app on your mobile, you will now be able to choose whether others can reply to your tweets or not.

Twitter Rolls Out New Feature 

The company firstly revealed that it is working on such a feature at CES 2020 at the beginning of this year. Twitter is also aiming to change the conversation structure with this feature, it will be giving the users a chance to communicate in a way they want to. This new feature is quite similar to Facebook’s post privacy settings, which lets you share a post with everyone, friends, group, or none.

Twitter Reply Controls: How It Works

As you can see in the screenshot mentioned below, you will now get a new ‘globe’ icon at the bottom of the composed window.  After Tapping the icon, it will open a pop-up window letting you choose ‘Who can reply?’ to your tweets. After that, You will have three options to choose from –everyone, people you follow, and only people you mention.

The ‘Everyone’ option means obvious it will be public and it makes Twitter work like always have. But the other two options will limit the number of users who can interact with your tweet on your profile. The ‘Only people you mention’ option would be the best way to go back and forth on a topic. The Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey might be looking to conduct an interview on Twitter using the latest options.

tweet privacy controls

Everybody on the platform can view, or like, and they can retweet your tweets, be it in under any of the three conversation types. Users now won’t be able to reply if you don’t follow them or if they aren’t mentioned in a tweet. Now this condition applies in the options and the two options. The reply icon will appear to be grayed out for all other users, as seen below:

reply button - twitter - grayed out

The reply controls are currently test feature, thus, they are currently available just for some limited set of users. Twitter designed this feature to “give people more opportunities to weigh in while still giving people control over the conversations they start.” We have just now noticed the reply controls on the mobile app for now. It is missing in action from the web version and desktop apps. We just have to wait for its final rollout.

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