Twitter Rolling out Separate ‘Quote Tweets’ Counter


INTRO: Twitter revamped the quoted tweets experience with a retweets viewer button in May. In an effort to enhance the visibility of quoted tweets, the corporate started testing a fanatical ‘quotes’ counter last month, and now, Twitter is officially rolling the feature out to everyone.

Thanks to this minor visual overhaul, you’ll see three separate counters on each tweet – Retweets, Quote Tweets, and Likes. While Twitter was using the term ‘Quotes’ within the testing phase, the social media company Twitter has decided to use a more straightforward terminology with ‘Quote Tweets’.

“Tweets a few Tweet add more to the conversation, so we’ve made them even easier to seek out . Retweets with comments are now called Quote Tweets and they’ve joined the Tweet detail view. Tap into a Tweet, then tap “Quote Tweets” to ascertain all of them in one place,” wrote the corporate in an announcement tweet.

It is worth noting that you will still see the overall number of retweets before you expand a tweet. For example, if a tweet features a total of 23 retweets of which 3 are quoted replies, you’ll see 23 within the main retweet header, and 20 tweets, 3 quote tweets in the expanded tweet view.

The change comes just a couple of weeks after Twitter unrolled reply controls to assist you opt who can reply to your tweets. The feature provides three levels of controls namely ”Everyone’, ‘People you follow’, and ‘Only people you mention’. This should come in handy for anyone who is looking to avoid unwanted interactions in tweets that are meant for a limited audience.

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