Twitter Rolls out Quoted Retweet Counts on iOS


INTRO: Twitter has started testing the ability to view its quoted tweets with comments on iOS last month and now, the company has started rolling out the new feature widely to all the iOS users.

Twitter Brings Quoted Retweets On IOS

Twitter on iOS now shows Retweets with comments | The Star

The company was testing two interface implementations for this feature, one which explicitly mentions the number of tweets with comments in the tweet and the other where the user has to tap on the number of tweets to view the quoted tweets.

All Retweets with Comments At One Place

From the preview teased in the tweet, it is evident that the company finalized the latter. “Don’t miss the Tweets about your Tweet. So from Now on iOS operating system, you can see all the Retweets with comments all in one place.”, wrote the company.

Twitter for iOS Users Will Now Show Who Retweeted your Tweet

With this addition, you no longer have to search for replies or use third-party services like Quoted Replies. This might come in handy for a lot of users to keep track of their tweet’s engagement and would help to involve in follow-up conversations quoted by a person.

Both Normal & Quoted Tweets Will Be Together

Also, it is worth keeping in mind that the total retweet count seen in the tweet will include both normal retweets and quoted tweets soon. “The Retweets with comments will be included in the total Retweet count pretty soon!”, says Twitter.

In case you’re not seeing the feature, do keep in mind that the feature has just started rolling out and it might take a while for it to show up in your device. Now that the feature has hit iOS, we could expect the company to make it available in Android and the web app in the near future. Whenever that happens, this convenient feature is much welcome for a better Twitter experience.


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