Unique Countdown Timer is What You Need During this Lockdown


INTRO: As due to the crisis from Novel Coronavirus has led to global lockdown which is preventing us to keep track of what day it is, time management is slowly becoming one of the top priorities in our lives. So to manage that here’s a unique timer to save your day and help you manage your time with ease.

Ticktime Timer helps you Track your Time and Helps in Time Management

The Ticktime timer is a unique timer device that will help you keep a track of your time and will help in managing it efficiently. With the Ticktime by your side, you can manage your time management efficiency. The device carries a hexagonal design along with a pre-set timer on each of its six sides.

The timers start from the 3-min initial mark and then go all the way up to 30 minutes. To start a timer, you just have to place the Ticktime with your timer face on top and then it starts the countdown automatically on its own. To stop the timer, just flip the timer into the vertical position; no buttons or manual settings required.

LED- Display & Connectivity to Android and IOS devices

So, if you want to set a timer for a specific decided time, there is a small LED-display on the timer with a couple of buttons at your disposal. It can even connect the device to your iOS or Android smartphone and it will then sync the timers with your smartphone. The timer device can be used to time our many daily routine activities like working out, cooking, meditating, and many others.

More key features of the Ticktime include sound adjustment of the alarms, its pocketable size and weight, and the unique patented design. One of the best features amongst all the features aforementioned is that the whole body of the device is magnetic which means that you can stick the device on your fridge or any steel surface.

The device is for now in the production phase and it will start shipping from May 2020. You can buy one Ticktime for about $39 (~Rs 2988) as an early-bird offer. When it starts to retail globally, it will be priced at $59 (~Rs 4500).You can check it out on its official Website


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