Upgrade Your 2G/3G BSNL SIM Card To 4G For Free

Upgrade 2G/3G BSNL

BSNL is working its best to upgrade its 2G/3G sites to 4G. BSNL has a huge untapped market waiting with 4G. It will be interesting to see how tough a competition BSNL will become for other telcos. It is worthy of noting that BSNL is coming to the 4G market almost five years late. Upgrade 2G/3G BSNL.

Other telecom operators like Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel, Vodafone have already upgrade to 4G. So now, when BSNL launches its 4G mobile services, the telco will be competing with the other telcos to steal their customer base. For that, BSNL will have to come up with wise offers that can lure the customer in. One such offer has already made its way to the market. It is the free up-gradation of your current BSNL SIM card to a 4G SIM card for free.

Upgrade 2G/3G BSNL

Upgrade 2G/3G BSNL:

The state-owning telecom operator is offering a 90 days free upgrade to 4G without any cost. Your current SIM cards will be swapped and you will be provided with a new 4G SIM card. The offer is currently valid in all the telecom circles of India. It was launch back on April 1, 2020. An interesting thing to note is new customers who were joining BSNL and recharging for more than Rs 100 were getting the 4G SIM card for free. With the introduction of this new scheme is going to offer the existing customers of BSNL to get the 4G SIM card for free. Upgrade 2G/3G BSNL.

Upgrade 2G/3G BSNL


Challenges of BSNL with 4G Services:

The biggest challenge that BSNL has been facing is to get the deployment of 4G equipment in the existing sites done and dusted with. The telcO object by Telecom Equipment and Services Export Promotion Council (TEPC) for giving contracts in a way which would automatically exclude Indian companies. TEPC noted that this is against the ‘Make in India’ program from the government. Nonetheless, BSNL has approve the contracts for ZTE and Nokia to upgrade the sites now and we may see BSNL in the 4G market soon.

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