USGS Released Comprehensive Geological Map of the Moon for the First Time


INTRO: As the Moon is the closest celestial body to our planet earth, the scientists and researchers have been studying the Moon for quite some time now. Now and then we see different pictures of our celestial neighbor captured by different satellites orbiting the body. However, now we have the first comprehensive geological map of the Moon detailing on the surface of it.

Map Details a lot about the Surface of the Moon. 

First-Ever Comprehensive Geologic Map Of The Moon - Released ...

Recently released by the United States Geological Survey (USGS), this 1:5,000,000 scale map details a lot about the surface of the Moon. It is color-coded for scientists, researchers, and lunar enthusiasts to easily study the Moon’s surface and it can also aid future research projects involving the Moon.

Geologic Maps Of Moon By USGS

USGS releases the first comprehensive map of the moon

The USGS was able to create the map with the help of NASA and the Lunar Planetary Institute. The team of researchers used six digitally renovated geologic maps of the celestial body including data from current satellite missions like the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, the SELENE Kaguya terrain camera, and the LOLA altimetry.

The purpose was to Summarize Lunar Geologic Knowledge of Moon

After acquiring the necessary data and maps, the team lined the previous maps with the current data sets. While doing so, the scientists preserved the valuable notes and also provided detailed descriptions of the features of the surface. This was done to avoid confusion caused by the previous geologic maps.

According to the USGS research center, the primary purpose of this map is to “summarize the current state of lunar geologic knowledge”. This map can be used for developing new theories and carry out in-depth studies of the Moon. You can also download the JPG file of the map from here and for more info, go to the official website of the USGS.


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