How To View a Private Instagram Account


Instagram is one of the most popular and widely used social media platform to connect with our friends. After WhatsApp and Facebook, Instagram is the most used app on the entire globe. All celebrities, political identities, brands, singers, music bands and more have their Instagram account. There are even hundreds of millions of followers are on some Hollywood Actors Instagram Account. As we all know that Instagram is now a part of Facebook. Facebook owns Instagram. Thus, Facebook friends and their friends can be found on suggestion list on Instagram.

With that millions of users, Instagram’s user-base growing day by day. Like other platforms, Instagram also allows users to make their account private such that no one(Strangers) without your knowledge can view your photos or short videos. First, they have to request you. Once you approve their request then they can view your Instagram profile photos.

In case, if you want to see Someone’s Instagram profile photos but that is a private Instagram account. What you will do? Don’t worry! We are here. Below, we have featured a complete guide to view a private Instagram account. Thus, make sure to give a complete reading to the below article to fit every important updates in your knowledge.

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How to Make Your Instagram Account Private?

If you have not made your Instagram account private then you can follow this guide to make your Instagram account. Still, privacy is not a negotiable point. You don’t know who is having an eye on your Instagram photos. They can even save your Instagram photos and misuse them. Thus, it is really important to make your Instagram account private.

Once done, anyone first have to request you and once you approve the request they can make a look on your Instagram photos. Hopefully, Instagram has itself given an in-built option to make your Instagram account private. You can follow below steps to Make your Instagram account private:-

1. First of all, click on App drawer.

2. Here, look and click on Instagram app icon.

3. On the homepage, you will see give icons at the bottom of the screen namely home, search, Instagram photo adding icon, heart shaped Notification icon and the last profile icon.

4. Simply, click on the Profile icon.

5. Here, look at the top right corner of the screen, you will find three parallel lines.

6. Simply, click on it.


7. Now, you will see options like Insights, Nametag, Saved, Close Friends, Find People. Simply click on the last Settings option located at the bottom of the screen.

8. In Settings, you will a number of useful features that you can use to enhance your Instagram experience.

9. Look for Account option. Just click on it.

10. Under Account option, scroll down to the below of the screen.

11. Last option you will find here is Switch to Privacy Account.

12. Simply, click on it to make your Instagram account private.

13. Congrats! You have successfully made your Instagram account private.

Here, you have made your Instagram account private. Now, someone has to first request you then once approved by you, they can view your Instagram photos. Friends already your follower on Instagram will still be able to view your Instagram photos. If, you want to revet to public account then you can follow above procedure and your Instagram private account will be converted into public account.

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How to View A Private Instagram Account?

By Following the Authorised, Logical Way

One of the best and the simplest way to view a private account is by sending a following request to the Private account. If the the account owner is a knowing person of you like your old classmate or your friend’s friend. You can simply personal message them on Instagram that who you are and how you know them. And, also your communication skills can make a lot at this time. Communicate with sense and ask them that you want to follow them. That’s it.

Using Instagram Username

However, in case if you don’t know the Instagram Private Account owner and just want to see their Instagram photos then you can simply use the Private Instagram Account’s username. Simply head over to the profile that you want to look. Here, your will find the username. Simply copy this username. Now type or paste the username in the Google images search bar and if, you are lucky then hopefully you will be able to see Instagram photos of that particular Instagram account before he or she converted his/ her account to private account. Here, you can use their Instagram ID against them.

Using Instagram Viewer Websites

There are limitless possibilities worldwide and the same rule follows with Instagram and Instagram accounts. There are a good number of websites are available on the internet that let you view private Instagram account photos. InstaSpy, Private Instaviewer, WatchInsta and more are some websites that let you see private Instagram account photos. They claim that you can see private Instagram accounts for completely free. You have to pay a single penny.

Still, we recommend to not follow these websites and execute actions on them. Once you visit them then they will ask you to answer the survey or complete the sweepstakes. This why, these websites will only waste your time.

Following Non-Legitimate Way

Above, method we have discussed let you get the access to private Instagram account by going through the legal and legitimate way. Simply, sending the request that you want to follow his/ her. In case, if you are not able to get request accepted then you can make a fake Instagram account of a girl. What! Yes! You have to make one. The reason you already know. Once Account created then add some real photos. Once done, make your fake Instagram account private.

Here, you can send follow request to the private account user and your request will be accepted. Now, you can see the photos of that particular private account.

Important Note:- This guide is only for educational purpose only. We do not promote any hacking. Creating a fake Instagram account is illegal and against Instagram policies.

Follow Request Accepted to Private Account?

Your follow request has been accepted towards the private Instagram account. We recommend to personal message the Instagram Private Account holder that who you are and why you want to follow his/ her. This way you will gain trust and will also look genuine. If he/ she replied yes and approved the follow request then you can like, comment on their photo.

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