Virtual Babysitting is a Thing Now and Business is Booming


INTRO: As due to the Coronavirus-led lockdown it has forced families to adopt the pandemic pr we can say stay at home kind of lifestyle, parents are having a quite tough time dealing with their kids at home 24×7. So now parents are hiring virtual Babysitting nannies online.

Virtual Babysitters To Keep Kids Engaged

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We have already seen how different companies like Spotify, Disney, and Apple are coming up with all the new ways to keep the kids engrossed in them, which is giving the parents a bit of me-time. But according to the recent reports, parents are now hiring babysitters online to keep their kids engaged virtually along with them and it looks like business is hiking for the initial virtual babysitting companies.

Babysitting through Video Conferences and Facetime

Due to the lockdown crisis which has led to the shut down of schools and education institutions, parents are trying to manage their kids. The parents are juggling between working from home, all the house chores, and then taking care of the kids and after that helping them to keep learning, the majority of the parents are not able to cope with the situation.

Mom Uses FaceTime for Virtual Babysitting Video - ABC News
So, to sort that out now they are hiring nannies or babysitters to talk, play and keep kids engaged via video-conferencing platforms like FaceTime and Zoom and other platforms. This help from virtual babysitting is giving parents some time of their own time to make work calls, mow the garden, or just take a breather from the hectic indoor-life.

New Business enters In Industry: Virtual Babysitting

After all the popularity of this newly found business-way, the virtual babysitting industry saw a great hike of 700% in demand from the middle of March to mid-April which is the lockdown period. If we go on following some of the initial virtual babysitting companies are like, Babysitting Company and Minutes 4 Moms, and many other babysitter-providers have started to train their workforce in virtual engagement with kids.
According to the reports, these virtual babysitters can almost charge up to $36 (~Rs 2720) for a short 45-minute session with the kids, So that amounts to $48 (~Rs 3630) an hour.

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