Vivaldi 3.3 for Android Brings Configurable Address and Tab Bars


INTRO: Earlier in the week, Vivaldi unrolled the v3.3 update to the desktop version of its browser. The company has now released an update to Vivaldi for Android. The update brings features like a full-page ad-blocking and configurable address bar & tab bar.

With this update, you’ll now move the tab bar and address bar to rock bottom portion of the interface. If you’re someone who prefers the address bar and tab bar at the highest portion of the browser, you’ll continue using that setup also.

To tweak the position of the address bar, open the Vivaldi browser, navigate to Settings -> Appearance, and tap on ‘Address Bar at Bottom’. The company had improved the consistency of the rock bottom bar within the previous update.

Vivaldi 3.3 brings support for full-page blocking in Tracker and AdBlockers. “Users providing their own sets of rules can now use the ‘document’ option in block rules to block whole pages. This is a step towards greater compatibility with the uBlock Origin rule set,” says the company.

The update also adds menu items with navigation buttons when the address bar is set to be at the bottom. Take a look at the official changelog below:

[New] Address bar at the bottom VAB-959
[New][Blocker] Add support for blocking whole pages: if blocking rule that has the ‘document’ option, it’ll block the entire page VB-69867
[Menus] Add menu item with navigation buttons when the address bar is in the bottom VAB-2174
[UI] Unify Accent color with Desktop browser VAB-2119
Upgraded Chromium to 85.0.4183.84
Updated translations
Vivaldi 3.3 is now rolling out via Google Play Store. You can also download the APK from Vivaldi’s official website.

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