Vivaldi 3.4 Brings An Endless Runner Game, Other New Features


INTRO: Following Vivaldi 3.3 for desktop and Android last month, Vivaldi has now released a new update (version #3.4) for desktop and Android. The update comes with a handful of necessary feature additions and a cool arcade-style runner game.

Vivaldi for Desktop


Vivaldia is a new arcade-style game inspired by the Future Noir and CyberPunk genres and is built into the Vivaldi browser. Much like Chrome’s dino game, Vivaldia is an endless runner. Users can access the game from vivaldi://game and it is also available on Android. Check out the gameplay right here:

Configurable Context Menu

With Vivaldi 3.4, you’ll configure the context menu of the browser. This way, you’ll rearrange, add, or remove the actions supported your usage preferences. For instance, Vivaldi says you can place the ‘open in new background tab’ option at the top of the Bookmark bar context menu. The feature also supports renaming menu items with emojis and custom entries.

vivaldi configurable context menu

Periodic Tab Reload

Periodic Tab Reload may be a feature which will are available handy, especially during flash sales of products where keeping the page updated will offer you a foothold over other potential customers.

As the name suggests, the feature will automatically refresh the page once you switch to a tab. You have the choice to line how often the page should reload. You can enable the feature by right-clicking on a tab, followed by choosing the periodic reload option. The countdown until the next reload will appear below the page’s title.

Other Features

The update also adds the option to let users capture screenshots to a new note, custom avatars for non-synced profiles, and improved Speed Dial folders and tiling commands.

Vivaldi for Android

Vivaldi is also updating its Android app. The key change with the update is in terms of the layout of the Speed dial. The tabs in Speed dial now show favicons of the page along with the title. You can also prefer to view an outsized speed dial, a smaller one, or an inventory view. The preferred layout can be changed from Settings -> Start page.

As mentioned earlier, you can now play the new Vivaldia game on Android too. Take a look at its controls below:

vivaldia controls

Vivaldi 3.4 is now rolling out on both desktop (across Windows, macOS, and Linux) and Android. You can download the latest version of the browser from the links given below.

Download Vivaldi 3.4 (Desktop | Android)

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