Best VivaVideo Alternatives That You Can Try Out For Editing

VivaVideo Alternatives

While there is no dearth of video editors at Google Play and Apple App Store, very few of them are as feature-rich as VivaVideo. Featuring easy-to-use editing tools, the app makes video editing on a smartphone dead simple. Add a host of attractive filters, crazy sound effects, and a variety of pre-defined themes, and QuVideo’s offering becomes a complete package for creating funky videos. However, beyond these goodies lie a few downsides, like the clunky UI and the inability to handle multiple tracks smoothly. Not just that, the Chinese apps don’t have a reliable track record in terms of offering the essential safeguard to the personal data as it has just been identified as spyware by researchers at VPNpro. And that’s exactly what has led me to round up the best VivaVideo alternatives for Android and iOS so that you can get the right replacement in 2020.

Best VivaVideo Alternatives

VivaVideo is designed for both personal and professional use. So, we’ve chosen apps that can cater to both these aspects. While some video editors excel in creating videos for marketing or branding, others are more geared towards making cool short clips for sharing, Facebook, Instagram, and other similar sites for fun. A few video editing apps have tried to strike a balance so that both newbies and pros can find them appealing. Now that you know what these top VivaVideo alternatives for iOS and Android.

1. KineMaster VivaVideo Alternatives

If VivaVideo claims to be super cool in terms of video editing, KineMaster is not behind either. In fact, there are quite a few areas where the latter has an edge over the former. For starters, KineMaster sports a more elegant interface that makes navigation a breeze. Plus, it also makes a bit easier to add and combine multiple layers of video to make editing clips less hassle-free on a mobile device. Even in terms of color adjustments, it looks a touch better than its famed rival. Be it correcting colors or applying different color filters, KineMaster ensures the process remains straightforward. This is one of the most popular VivaVideo Alternatives.

VivaVideo Alternatives

2. Magisto

For creating eye-catching videos and VivaVideo Alternatives that can put you at the top of the trending chart, Magisto promises to be a great contender. What makes it so handy is a large collection of professionally designed video editing tools that can let you create fun-loving videos for social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The app leverages artificial intelligence to simplify the whole editing process. As the editing tools are quite straightforward, you can easily get a good grip on crafting videos. That aside; Magisto has got a vast commercially licensed song library.

3. PowerDirector

If You have to choose VivaVideo Alternatives app purely based on the pro video editing tools PowerDirector would be one of my top picks – by a long distance. What puts this app ahead of the curve is the efficiency with which it allows editing and exporting videos in 4K resolution. It features a pretty handy speed adjustment tool that lets you comfortably fine-tune the speed of any video. Whether you wish to create a fast-forward video or go for a stunning slow-motion clip, the speed adjustment tool can let you do so with ease.

4. Adobe Premiere Rush

If you don’t mind going through some learning curve initially, Adobe Premiere Rush is the one I would recommend you to check out, especially for creating cinematic movies that can send social media on a blitzkrieg. As is always the case with most of Adobe’s offerings, Premiere Rush is equipped with an enviable library of powerful tools. Probably the best part about this video editor is the multitrack timeline that can let you take on four videos and three audio tracks simultaneously. Perfect for the crunch times where you have to produce high-quality videos.

VivaVideo Alternatives

5. FilmoraGo Video Editor The VivaVideo Alternatives

FilmoraGo is the sort of video editor that can appeal to both pros and newbies. So, if you are looking for a ViaVideo alternative that can come with all the high-end yet incredibly easy-to-handle tools, it could be a better choice. The app features an intuitive timeline that can take on multiple tracks at one go without any lagging, unlike VivaVideo that often seems to stutter a bit especially when handling multiple tracks.

VivaVideo Alternatives

6. Quik

As the name itself makes it crystal clear, Quick is designed to make video editing incredibly simple. Just in case you hate to go through the roundabout ways to create a nice-looking video, you should give a chance to this video editor. I bet you would fall in love with its ability to offer a fully personalized video editing experience. If you think that it has sacrificed quality in favor of simplicity, let me tell you that it’s as efficient as some of the best video editors out there.


These were some of the VivaVideo Alternatives that you can use as an alternative to the Chinese apps for your use. Let us know if you know any other alternatives and also let us know if you use any of these following.

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